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0000032VPOP3Adminpublic2009-11-27 10:29
ReporterpaulAssigned Topaul 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.0j 
Target Version3.0.0kFixed in Version3.0.0k 
Summary0000032: List moderator not being displayed properly
DescriptionThe following admin pages do not seem to be functioning correctly:

these settings are
not being saved - ie when I navigate away from the page and return, the
settings have reverted to before the edit.

The same problem is occurring on the LISTS/ mailing lists/other settings
page. The setting for list moderator seems to revert back to the first name
in the dropdown list.
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Support Ticket NumberDTQ-283808
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2009-11-16 17:16

administrator   ~0000005

LIST_EDIT.HTML page was simply not initialising the select box.

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