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0000031VPOP3Adminpublic2009-11-27 10:29
ReporterpaulAssigned Topaul 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.0j 
Target Version3.0.0kFixed in Version3.0.0k 
Summary0000031: POP3 collector error recipient not displayed correctly
DescriptionWe are using Vpop3 Enterprise 3.0.0j,


Mail connectors > Mail collectors >"my collector" > Routing Errors >


When option "Send incoming message to:" is selected the ComboBox does
not set the "current value" for the User. The default is the first
User not the previously submitted one. Does this change the setting
when I submit the changes on an other tab-sheet?

I'm not sure but I believe I have seen this in other sections to. The
Combobox is not set to it's "current" value.

It's not good if i'm just checking the current value. I can't use
this function (display) for that now. I always have to remember which
User has been setup to receive the messages....
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Support Ticket NumberBCF-162570
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