Scheduled For Release 2020-04-02
0002143: [Installer] Upgrade PostgreSQL version to 10.13 (paul)
0002142: [Misc] Upgrade OpenSSL version to 1.1.1g (paul)
0002139: [WebMail] Password entry page allows illegal characters to be entered (paul)
0002138: [Admin] When a password is set with an invalid character, the admin UI reports 'password too short' (paul)
0002137: [Admin] LAN Forwarding config changes passwords to asterisks on editing (paul)
0002136: [SMTP Client] SMTP MX DNS Overrides can't handle : in username or @ in password (paul)
0002129: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP4 STATUS response isn't quoted correctly (paul)
0002133: [Admin] Outqueue 'size' is showing the message count instead (paul)
0002135: [Admin] Importing list members from CSV doesn't import "real name" column (paul)
0002134: [Backup/Restore] DB Backup schedule not being calculated correctly
0002125: [Misc] Temporary files not being deleted automatically (paul)
0002123: [WebMail] UserManager LUA script doesn't work with Webmail for username mapping (paul)
0002124: [POP3 Server] UserManager LUA script doesn't work with POP3 for username mapping (paul)
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Scheduled For Release 2009-11-13
0000007: Update fax printer driver to work with 64 bit Vista/Windows 7 (mike)
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