Scheduled For Release 2021-05-01
0002205: [Installer] Attachment extraction/removal does not insert text indicating an attachment has been removed (paul)
0002199: [WebMail] 2FA QR code doesn't scan in Google Authenticator on iOS devices (paul)
0002198: [WebMail] If a user's 'Real name' contains a '@' symbol, Webmail sends the From: header formatted incorrectly (paul)
0002195: [Misc] Lua PostgresQuery is returning nothing when there's an empty result set (paul)
0002193: [SMTP Server] Add 8BITMIME support (paul)
0002202: [WebMail] Webmail doesn't always timeout if SSL is supported but not being used (paul)
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Scheduled For Release 2009-11-13
0000007: Update fax printer driver to work with 64 bit Vista/Windows 7 (mike)
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