Scheduled For Release 2021-09-01
0002218: [Misc] PostgreSQL reporting 'bigint overflow' errors updating logdb summary (paul)
0002219: [Misc] 'deletedmsgdata' database table for search indexing never gets cleared out if search DB doesn't exist (paul)
0000611: [Misc] Get rid of 'firstlocaldomain' usage and use 'default domain' again (paul)
0002217: [Misc] Add 'SMTP Incoming' and 'SMTP Local' Mapping types (paul)
0002213: [Installer] When validating external DB configuration during install, checks for wrong version (paul)
0002212: [Installer] For a DB upgrade, the installer should copy the old DB's collation locale (paul)
0002198: [WebMail] If a user's 'Real name' contains a '@' symbol, Webmail sends the From: header formatted incorrectly (paul)
0002211: [WebMail] Settings aren't saved in new Webmail (paul)
0002195: [Misc] Lua PostgresQuery is returning nothing when there's an empty result set (paul)
0002199: [WebMail] 2FA QR code doesn't scan in Google Authenticator on iOS devices (paul)
0002207: [Misc] DNS MX Overrides not working correctly if passwords contain ~ character (paul)
0002205: [Installer] Attachment extraction/removal does not insert text indicating an attachment has been removed (paul)
0002209: [Misc] Add ability to set message headers in Lua "VPOP3.SendMessage" function (paul)
0002202: [WebMail] Webmail doesn't always timeout if SSL is supported but not being used (paul)
0002215: [Misc] Incoming SMTP mail to distribution list that shouldn't be accessible from the Internet is still being delivered (paul)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-11-01
0000584: [IMAP4 Server] Log IMAP4 sessions in logdb session log
0001536: [Misc] Allow licence activation to take place over non-encrypted http for diagnostics
0001535: [Spamfilter] Allow spamfilter script to access GeoIP database to look things up
0001470: [Misc] SettingAudit table restore error if it contains non-ASCII
0001463: [Admin] If virus scanner problem is blocking access, then show this on 'dashboard' display
0001174: [Autoresponders] Have autoresponder rule condition for 'how' the message arrived at the mailbox
0000991: [SMTP Server] FROM mappings don't work with incoming SMTP
0000848: [POP3 Client] Handle POP3 client 'basic' mode differently
0000815: [Misc] Have button to clear up 'unused' data
0000678: [Misc] Add 'archive' rules to prune rules functionality
0000674: [SMTP Server] Administrator messages about users reaching sending quotas
0000672: [WebMail] Be able to view mailbox quota limit and current value
0000671: [WebMail] Be able to view sending quota limits and current values
0000629: [IMAP4 Server] Connection rate limiting
0002193: [SMTP Server] Add 8BITMIME support (paul)
0002170: [SMTP Client] Need to DKIM sign all outgoing mail, even if generated by VPOP3 itself (paul)
0002097: [VPOP3 Antivirus] VPOP3AV hanging on certain messages with complex attachment filenames (paul)
0002043: [IMAP4 Server] Have SEARCH timeout (paul)
0002029: [VPOP3 Antivirus] VPOP3AV update checks should be over https (paul)
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Scheduled For Release 2022-03-01
0002166: [CalDAV] Add GET method to Calendar collection and event objects
0002155: [WebMail] Have facility to share/edit permissions of shared calendars in new Webmail
0002022: [Misc] Suppress error messages from mailer_daemon if they're to an unknown user
0001804: [Archiving] Have option for offline archive to create multiple ZIP files until it's done
0001511: [Misc] Make VPOP3 report more useful error if it fails during DB fixup at start
0001490: [Autoresponders] Have option to view/clear log for autoresponder templates in use
0001146: [WebMail] When releasing from quarantine have option to add a 'wildcard' version of sender address
0001065: [Misc] Have language detection in spam filter
0000894: [Autoresponders] Allow autoresponder 'settings' to be set from a Lua script
0000863: [Status Monitor] Hover tooltips for status log
0000773: [Misc] Consider 'big attachment' system
0000752: [Misc] Have a 'secret' assistant setting to copy incoming messages which the user can't see/modify
0000612: [Status Monitor] Be able to see LAN Forward queue size in status monitor
0000836: [Admin] Have an option for an administrator (only) to release quarantine messages to a different user
0000708: [Misc] Move Spam into a 'Quarantine' IMAP/Webmail folder
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Scheduled For Release 2009-11-13
0000007: Update fax printer driver to work with 64 bit Vista/Windows 7 (mike)
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