Scheduled For Release 2020-11-02
0002155: [WebMail] Have facility to share/edit permissions of shared calendars in new Webmail
0002154: [WebMail] Shared calendars not honoring CLASS attribute
0002172: [IMAP4 Server] Optimise IMAP4 Fetch with multiple BODY[] queries (paul)
0002170: [SMTP Client] Need to DKIM sign all outgoing mail, even if generated by VPOP3 itself (paul)
0002166: [CalDAV] Add GET method to Calendar collection and event objects (paul)
0002162: [WebMail] New Webmail addresses 'All address book entries' overlaps button next to it (paul)
0002158: [CalDAV] Have URL to download whole calendar as a single ICS file (paul)
0002157: [Misc] 32 Bit VPOP3 Basic v8.0 doesn't start on Windows 2008R2 (paul)
0002171: [Misc] For List welcome messages, sender is always in the default domain (paul)
0002173: [Misc] Add Lua SSH functions (paul)
0002163: [Admin] Routine to check if DB backup executable directory is valid does not work properly (paul)
0002169: [Misc] Update Lua version from 5.2 to 5.4 (paul)
0002160: [Misc] Quota message isn't clear who it's intended for if there are assistants involved (paul)
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Scheduled For Release 2009-11-13
0000007: Update fax printer driver to work with 64 bit Vista/Windows 7 (mike)
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