Released 2018-12-10
0002089: [Misc] Attachment filter spam score doesn't get added properly (paul)
0001902: [Misc] With attachment filtering renaming, support changing the MIME type as well (paul)
0002087: [Misc] If a Connection uses a backup Connection, and that backup connection is deleted, VPOP3 will still try to use it (paul)
0002052: [Backup/Restore] Have option to encrypt daily backups (paul)
0002073: [Misc] DMARC Aggregate Report loops (paul)
0002085: [SMTP Client] Put encryption type in Transcript log (paul)
0002086: [SMTP Server] Put encryption type in Transcript log (paul)
0002084: [SMTP Server] With SMTP put encryption type in Received header (paul)
0002050: [Misc] Upgrade OpenSSL version for 32 bit VPOP3 (paul)
0002083: [Misc] VPOP3 crashing when generating DMARC aggregate reports if the RUA email address has blank domain (paul)
0002082: [Status Monitor] Have setting to disable use of 'Pause/Resume Schedule' in Status Monitor (paul)
0002079: [Spamfilter] Have Status Monitor 'popup' feature (paul)
0002080: [Misc] Allow Lua script to trigger Status Monitor "popup" (paul)
0002081: [Misc] Add 'Send Controlled Message' Lua support function (paul)
0002077: [Misc] Add 'Send Message' Lua support function (paul)
0002076: [Misc] Attachment filter error messages don't always decode non-ASCII filenames correctly (paul)
0002075: [Misc] Attachment filter 'skip filtering' filters don't work sometimes (paul)
0002074: [Archiving] Recovering messages from Archive show messages with incorrect file size (paul)
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