Released 2018-10-11
0002067: [SMTP Server] Add DMARC support (paul)
0002071: [Archiving] Extracting archive to ZIP file isn't working correctly (paul)
0002072: [SMTP Server] DKIM signing crashing VPOP3 (paul)
0002069: [WebMail] 2FA isn't working - user can enter any 2FA code to log in if it is optional (paul)
0002066: [Misc] When customising Text Strings in VPOP3, blank spaces are trimmed (paul)
0002025: [Admin] Bulk Delete from Spam filter Blacklist doesn't work with date rules (paul)
0002057: [WebMail] When releasing spam without logging in, user's 'actions' settings are not being honoured (paul)
0002062: [Misc] Some Text Strings use replacements, eg for subject that need to be MIME-decided before use (paul)
0002065: [Misc] Attachment processing 'skip filtering'/'do filtering' don't MIME decode headers (paul)
0002054: [Archiving] If archive.lua is returning the 'block' string (see 0001829) then the message will be stuck in the archive queue (paul)
0002064: [Admin] When creating a new autoresponder, the default 'subject' setting is wrong (paul)
0002041: [Misc] Add spam score to Message Trace message info (paul)
0002058: [Admin] When exporting Mappings to file, 'include headers' option isn't working (paul)
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