Released 2018-06-04
0002046: [SMTP Server] As well as limits for incoming SMTP sessions, have limits for internal sessions (paul)
0002051: [Misc] Port to Visual Studio 2017 (paul)
0001971: [WebMail] Support 2FA (Google Authenticator) (paul)
0002044: [IMAP4 Server] Store parsed message header data for quicker searches (paul)
0002042: [Misc] Add more info about assistant decision making to Message Trace info (paul)
0002040: [Misc] Be able to configure how long to try to connect to PostgreSQL server in VPOP3.INI file (paul)
0002037: [Misc] Performance monitor increases CPU load (paul)
0002038: [SMTP Server] When deciding which signature to use, a single & nbsp ;  in a HTML signature is making VPOP3 think that signature was defined (paul)
0002030: [Misc] MOTD and other updates should be over https (paul)
0002036: [Admin] Can't tell whether 32 or 64 bit version is installed (paul)
0002031: [Admin] Add User wizard only allows up-to 16 character passwords (paul)
0002028: [Spamfilter] Spamfilter updates should be over https (paul)
0002033: [Admin] Logout button doesn't appear on Admin pages on screens about 850-1100 pixels wide (paul)
0002032: [Admin] Priority support expiry showing as 'NaN' on the About page on Safari on a Mac (paul)
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