Released 2017-08-22
0001998: [Misc] New distribution list members start off suspended, with no way to unsuspend (paul)
0001996: [Admin] In Settings -> Database -> Message store show deleted folders (in VPOP3 Enterprise) (paul)
0001985: [SMTP Server] Add "Greet pause" functionality (paul)
0001992: [Misc] Attachment filtering on long filenames not working correctly (paul)
0001995: [Misc] Attachment filter rename/remove not working for POP3 Mail Collector with ID 2 (paul)
0001994: [Status Monitor] When status monitor connects to server, initial status line times are wrong (paul)
0001989: [Status Monitor] When status monitor activity log is copied to clipboard times are in GMT (paul)
0001986: [Misc] When upgrading from <=6.10 to >=6.11 the domain filter converter may not work properly (paul)
0001993: [Admin] Problem creating new autoresponder rule (paul)
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