Released 2017-07-05
0001980: [Spamfilter] Support SHA1 hashing command in Spamfilter (paul)
0001983: [Admin] Misleading message if archived message file does not exist (paul)
0001981: [Misc] SSL errors have misleading error codes (paul)
0001926: [Misc] Add 'description' field into address book editor (paul)
0001966: [SMTP Server] Support RFC 4865 - FUTURERELEASE (paul)
0001978: [IMAP4 Server] Holding/Unholding mailbox messages not working properly with IMAP4 accounts (paul)
0001976: [Misc] Fix failed login report for Outlook (paul)
0001975: [Misc] Fix daily report message formatting for Outlook (paul)
0001977: [CalDAV] CalDAV incompatibility with CalDavZap Javascript Calendar client (paul)
0001974: [Spamfilter] Add more customisation options for Spamfilter quarantine reports (paul)
0001973: [CalDAV] calendar-query report not working correctly (paul)
0001970: [Misc] Have command-line options to view/update live VPOP3 (paul)
0001972: [CalDAV] CalDAV incompatibility with AgenDAV Web Calendar client (paul)
0001818: [Misc] Have option to send security.log to administrator on daily basis (paul)
0001969: [Admin] Add filter options to Security Settings -> Login Failure Log (paul)
0000835: [Backup/Restore] Don't do database backups if disk space is too low (paul)
0001757: [Archiving] Report failing archive process (paul)
0001968: [Misc] If "hold obsolete uidls" is set to 0, then VPOP3 doesn't remember UIDLs at all (paul)
0001899: [POP3 Client] With POP3 collector, let it download messages into a specific folder as well as user (paul)
0001861: [Misc] In Mailing lists allow specifying full names of list members to be put in the 'To' header (paul)
0001863: [SMTP Server] Have option to reject authentication attempts on SMTP server (paul)
0001961: [Admin] Autoresponder rule date/time calendars - 5th week isn't always visible (paul)
0001357: [IMAP4 Server] Add support for RFC 5161 [ENABLE] (paul)
0001965: [Admin] In admin Message rule editor, condition field drop-down is not obviously scrollable (paul)
0001480: [Admin] Message rules time condition gets saved incorrectly (paul)
0001964: [Admin] Download rule condition for most checks changing to 'is' during display (paul)
0001917: [Autoresponders] Have autoresponder option to only respond after X messages (paul)
0001955: [Misc] When storing a message to the database, re-use message data if header modifiers are the same (paul)
0001962: [Admin] Occasional div-by-zero exception in Status -> Sessions view (paul)
0000920: [Admin] Have option to remove/edit a mailing/distribution list member across all lists (paul)
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