Released 2017-04-12
0001957: [Misc] Rename OUTQUEUE folder to '_TEMP' because it's used for more than outqueue messages now (paul)
0001604: [Admin] Add diagnostics tools to VPOP3 (paul)
0001746: [Misc] Make .NET 4.5 version of 'VPOP3Settings' (paul)
0001845: [Admin] Have popup text on hover over user list icon (paul)
0001954: [Backup/Restore] Database backup metrics are wrong when backing up to a network share (paul)
0001585: [SMTP Client] Allow Lua to set SMTP relay restrictions for this sender connection (paul)
0001097: [Status Monitor] 'Progress' indicator in Status monitor taskbar icon (paul)
0001817: [Status Monitor] Status Monitor Inbox summary view is sometimes just the title bar size (paul)
0001960: [Admin] Add CPU/Disk stats to admin dashboard view (paul)
0001959: [Misc] DB errors being logged if LDAP entries are hidden (paul)
0001947: [Admin] In Status -> Sessions window show CPU times per thread (paul)
0001958: [Admin] Global address book entry edit tabs not visible on load in Firefox (paul)
0001940: [Misc] Remove 16 character restriction on passwords (paul)
0001944: [IMAP4 Server] New IMAP4 search compiler doesn't always work properly (paul)
0001953: [SMTP Client] Per-time sending limits override per-connection limits if set (paul)
0001952: [SMTP Client] If SMTP client Auth Plain login fails, the connection attempt continues (paul)
0001950: [Status Monitor] Have balloon notifications for new IM messages in Status Monitor (paul)
0001949: [Status Monitor] Status monitor Instant Messaging renders CR/LFs wrong (paul)
0001948: [Admin] Make About page collect maintenance expiry directly rather than using cached details (paul)
0001945: [Misc] Problem handling returned tables from Lua callout functions (paul)
0001943: [IMAP4 Server] Support RFC 4315 (UIDPLUS) (paul)
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