Released 2017-02-15
0001937: [Misc] Database partial restore strips first 4 bytes from restored messages (paul)
0001939: [Admin] Add support chat widget to admin pages for people with support contracts (paul)
0001938: [Admin] Blog entries missing from About page (paul)
0000573: [SMTP Client] Be able to 'share' outgoing connections (paul)
0001935: [Admin] When editing SMTP IP Access restrictions 'allow unauth access' checkbox doesn't respond correctly (paul)
0001936: [Reports] Add report to show messages sent through a Sender between two dates (paul)
0000951: [Archiving] Archive search on content does not work properly (paul)
0001081: [Misc] Investigate porting VPOP3 to 64 bits (paul)
0001834: [Installer] Have option at start of installer to automatically start VPOP3 at the end (paul)
0001929: [SMTP Server] Have Lua script for outgoing message header modifiers (paul)
0000613: [Admin] More details in LAN Forward queue summary (paul)
0001932: [Reports] In messages Received report allow date span (paul)
0001934: [Reports] In messages Received report show message count at top (paul)
0001931: [Reports] In messages sent report allow date span (paul)
0001933: [Reports] In messages sent report show message count at top (paul)
0000701: [Admin] Mail collector/sender/connection passwords need to be erased when edited (paul)
0001880: [Misc] Be able to hide local users from global address book (paul)
0001261: [Admin] When restoring from db, have option to choose time/date to restore from or to (paul)
0001207: [Backup/Restore] Have option to terminate a partial restore (paul)
0001928: [Archiving] Remove usually unnecessary database 'delete' operation during archive despooling (paul)
0001922: [Admin] Change slightly confusing 'confirm' dialog when copying messages to use an HTML popup instead of confirm box. (paul)
0001927: [Admin] Remove obsolete LDAP - 'return all attributes' option (paul)
0000787: [Admin] Download rules - improve item editor (paul)
0001923: [POP3 Client] Make download rules 'timenow' check work when wrapped around midnight (paul)
0001829: [Archiving] Allow Lua script to disable archiving for a message totally (paul)
0001918: [Autoresponders] Have a way of copying autoresponder from one user to others (paul)
0001921: [Admin] Can't view admin quarantine viewer in iPad web browser (paul)
0001920: [Spamfilter] Have online whitelist DB of verified DKIM selectors (paul)
0001919: [Spamfilter] Have online whitelist DB of verified SPF domains (paul)
0001852: [Admin] Allow comments in IP Access Restrictions (paul)
0001851: [Admin] Rework daily summary reports in HTML format (paul)
0001915: [Misc] Support Lua script to generate daily usage reports (paul)
0001912: [Spamfilter] Move spamfilter config into database instead of flat file (paul)
0001914: [Admin] Show alert for large folders (paul)
0001794: [Admin] On Dashboard, show 3 biggest folders (paul)
0001913: [Archiving] Adjust despooler thread priority depending on pending messages (paul)
0001597: [Admin] Have VPOP3 tell if spamfilter/antivirus licence is too small (paul)
0001911: [Backup/Restore] Database partial restore doesn't work if folder contains comma and whole user selected (paul)
0001461: [Admin] In Add Mail Collector wizard allow setting SSL / STLS options (paul)
0001848: [Admin] In admin message viewer show UID & internal message ID (paul)
0001836: [SMTP Client] With MX sending, allow overrides based on sender email address (paul)
0001844: [Misc] Thousands separator in number formatting is incorrect in Hungarian locale (paul)
0001849: [Admin] Have warnings if SSL v2 or v3 are enabled (paul)
0001910: [Admin] Sometimes while admin page is loading, it looks bad with bad formatting (paul)
0001907: [Archiving] Archive search with no criteria appears not to run (paul)
0001908: [Admin] Spam filter word lists with non-ASCII characters don't work properly (paul)
0001905: [Admin] When loading archived message from offline archive, slow with no indication of what's happening (paul)
0001260: [Misc] Have options for account locking (paul)
0001893: [Spamfilter] Support Lua script for quarantine report generation (paul)
0001798: [Admin] Add warning if Collector-specific mappings are to be deleted when deleting Collectors (paul)
0001433: [Misc] Have a 'custom CSS' file which is not overwritten on upgrades (paul)
0001904: [SMTP Client] MX sending crashes if SMTP client timeouts are blank (paul)
0001824: [Reports] Add report to show database table sizes (paul)
0001881: [Admin] Be able to add addresses to never-block list from the block list editor (paul)
0001871: [Admin] Submit button doesn't get enabled if HTML signature edited in HTML view (paul)
0001903: [Admin] Spamfilter whitelist/blacklist words don't work properly if there's a comma in the text (paul)
0001901: [Misc] With attachment filtering renaming, support scripting for new name (paul)
0001897: [Misc] Add VPOP3.INI option to hide SSL certificate (paul)
0001846: [Misc] Add information to database backup succeeded message (paul)
0001874: [Admin] Missing activity indicator on Diagnostics -> Message Search function (paul)
0001898: [Admin] Diagnostics -> Message Search not working for Subject searches (paul)
0001873: [Misc] Reduce number of spamfilter renewal reminders generated by VPOP3 (paul)
0001894: [Admin] Have option to disable TLSv1.1 protocol (paul)
0001896: [Admin] Have option to disable TLSv1.2 protocol (paul)
0001891: [Admin] When importing users from Windows, display import log afterwards (paul)
0001895: [Admin] When importing users from Windows, preview users in the selected group (paul)
0001885: [Admin] When importing users from Windows, set a more secure default password (paul)
0001890: [Admin] When importing users from file, display import log afterwards (paul)
0001855: [Admin] Button to set fax licence details doesn't work (paul)
0001862: [Archiving] If archived message isn't available, display the original filename of the archived file (paul)
0001889: [Misc] Add Lua script facility for password generator when importing users etc (paul)
0001888: [Spamfilter] Spamfilter BulkScan doesn't match if plain string match contains a word with numbers at end (paul)
0001870: [IMAP4 Server] Have option to disable CRAM-MD5 logins (paul)
0001887: [Misc] SMTP Rules & Download Rules are processing wildcards in begins/ends/contains comparisons (paul)
0001886: [Misc] Add index on message time to increase Webmail performance (paul)
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