Released 2016-11-08
0001830: [Admin] In Internet Explorer 'Edit User' has unnecessary scrollbar at right (paul)
0001805: [Archiving] Have option to stop offline archive process (paul)
0001869: [WebMail] Allow SMTP service which Webmail Send uses to be configurable (paul)
0001884: [Admin] Problem with viewing Spamfilter settings (paul)
0001875: [Spamfilter] In Spamfilter make number of rule matches available to script (paul)
0001878: [Admin] In LAN Forwarding '-' characters aren't allowed in target server names (paul)
0001879: [Admin] In LAN Forwarding upper case characters aren't allowed in email address (paul)
0001872: [Misc] Error code 4578 missing text (paul)
0001823: [Misc] Switch to PostgreSQL 9.5 (paul)
0001877: [Admin] Admin pages don't work in IE if Compatibility mode is on (paul)
0001267: [FaxServer] VPOP3 crashes if standalone fax licence key entered, but fax software not installed (paul)
0001832: [Misc] If SPF is disabled in SMTP service, SPF checks still happen (paul)
0001847: [Misc] VPOP3 Http downloader not working if HTTP chunks > 10,000,000 bytes (paul)
0001856: [WebMail] Webmail sending doesn't work if SMTP service is set to 'STARTTLS' only (no unencrypted sessions) (paul)
0001860: [Misc] Virus warning filters not working (paul)
0001865: [IMAP4 Server] Problem with IDLE command if 'allow any line endings' is turned on (paul)
0001866: [Admin] Add option not to validate SSL certificates in Services settings (paul)
0001842: [Admin] Add spacing between Mark Seen and Release Msgs button in quarantine list view (paul)
0001841: [Admin] Increase length of message in quarantine viewer above 10kB (paul)
0001837: [SMTP Server] ODMR clients are doing SPF checking when they shouldn't be (paul)
0001831: [Misc] Allow use of *@... in LAN Forwarding rewrite address when address is not also *@... (paul)
0001828: [Admin] LAN Forwarding conditions can't be set (paul)
0001827: [Admin] LAN Forwarding 'Allow addresses without specific domain' option is not working (paul)
0001826: [IMAP4 Server] Rewrite IMAP4 search routines to improve performance (paul)
0001825: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP4 keywords are case sensitive (paul)
0001821: [Admin] If Mail Collector names have non-ASCII characters then Mappings page won't open (paul)
0001822: [Admin] Quarantine list shows message content if subject contains message (paul)
0001819: [Misc] use FTS indexed message subject/content in Diagnostics Message Search (paul)
0001816: [Misc] Add full-text search to messages (paul)
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