Released 2015-12-09
0001025: [Admin] Add 'context' help to the various setup wizards (paul)
0001705: [WebMail] Add robots.txt to Webmail (paul)
0001645: [WebMail] Have option to allow non-admins to search archive (paul)
0001465: [Admin] Add quarantine release options to user settings (paul)
0001466: [Admin] Add quarantine release options to Bulk Edit Users (paul)
0001711: [Misc] Support 2048/4096 DH Params in SSL certificate (paul)
0001704: [WebMail] VPOP3 crashes if you try to reload a quarantined message webpage when logged out (paul)
0001558: [Admin] When changing Webmail IP access restrictions, check if current PC would be allowed before saving them. (paul)
0001674: [WebMail] Have option to remove preview pane in Webmail (paul)
0001510: [Misc] Make VPOP3 recreate the msgdata_l, foldermessages_folderuidl and foldermessages_msgdata indexes if they don't exist (paul)
0001407: [Misc] VPOP3 crashes if bayes.ldb database is corrupt (paul)
0001472: [Misc] Increase default disk space checks (paul)
0001697: [Spamfilter] Add database functions to spamfilter scripts (paul)
0001702: [WebMail] Webmail reply/forward/etc don't work correctly if timezone is not an integral number of hours (paul)
0001701: [Admin] Wizards not always resetting when restarted (paul)
0001495: [Admin] Have UI for seeing settings changes from settingaudit table (paul)
0001700: [Spamfilter] Spamfilter not processing message HTML tag data correctly in all cases (paul)
0001699: [POP3 Client] POP3 Client NULL character replacement not working 100% (paul)
0001551: [Misc] With personal signatures, have the option to append the global signature (paul)
0001638: [Archiving] On offline archive page, show error text as well as error code (paul)
0001693: [Admin] Log/display filtered attachment filenames (paul)
0001692: [Misc] Recode attachment names to UTF-8 for attachment filtering (paul)
0001689: [WebMail] SMTP rules using 'auth sender' not matching messages sent via Webmail (paul)
0001696: [Misc] Importing list members fails if there are duplicates (paul)
0001569: [WebMail] Spell check finds error in non-existent word and locks up (paul)
0001695: [Admin] Unwanted debug message in Spamfilter settings (paul)
0001694: [Admin] Can't edit service bindings in VPOP3 Basic (paul)
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