Released 2013-05-23
0000957: [Misc] Activity log 'Show Idle accounts' is incorrect (paul)
0001077: [Admin] Allow user to do a manual Bayesian analysis and see results (paul)
0001060: [WebMail] Toolbar button allows attempt to add address entry to read-only address book (paul)
0001059: [WebMail] Context-menu for address books doesn't allow adding a new entry to a shared book (paul)
0001076: [Admin] on schedule settings, if a connection ID is skipped, then displayed details are wrong (paul)
0001021: [Misc] VPOP3 leaving T*.DAT files behind with 'delete' message rules (paul)
0001072: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP4 'append' option to 'background save' (paul)
0001069: [WebMail] Can't open attachments in Webmail with folders with & characters in their names (paul)
0001066: [SMTP Server] SMTP login failure logged in security.log as a success (paul)
0001067: [Admin] SMTP -> IDS/IPS -> IDS log view is double-correcting time zone (paul)
0001068: [Admin] Security -> IDS -> Log is double correcting displayed times (paul)
0001057: [Admin] When deleting a user, the user's folder on disk isn't deleted (paul)
0001047: [Misc] In admin Global Address Book be able to see which books this address is in (paul)
0001071: [Admin] After session logout, re-login takes you to Webmail rather than back to admin page (paul)
0001038: [WebMail] Mobile webmail shows message timezone in UTC (paul)
0000195: [Admin] Add help to admin pages (paul)
0000995: [Admin] When adding a new user, be able to copy another user's settings (paul)
0001046: [WebMail] Remove 'drop-down' arrow at the side of recipients when sending message in Webmail - it doesn't do anything (paul)
0000896: [WebMail] Adding an address book entry to another user's shared address book doesn't work (paul)
0001056: [Misc] Possibly too many quotes during import of autoresponders (paul)
0001054: [WebMail] Adding user to personal address book in Webmail gives a 'noauth' error (paul)
0001048: [Admin] User based prune rules don't work (paul)
0001049: [Misc] Have option for 'send quota overage allowance' (paul)
0001044: [Misc] If running PostgreSQL on Linux date/times aren't parsed correctly (paul)
0001036: [SMTP Client] Have a 'max recipients per session' setting for Mail Sender (paul)
0001037: [SMTP Client] 'Max recipients per message' setting isn't working (paul)
0001034: [WebMail] On replying in Webmail, the recipient is a CC rather than To (paul)
0001022: [CalDAV] Test caldav compatibility with Bynari Webdav collaborator (paul)
0001007: [CalDAV] Add 'Tasks' support to CalDAV (paul)
0001014: [Admin] Submit button doesn't enable when altering published newsgroups in Services -> NNTP (paul)
0001013: [Admin] NNTP Client 'Enable' checkbox not working (paul)
0001012: [Misc] NNTP Client not connecting (paul)
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