Released 2013-02-06
0000840: [Backup/Restore] Offsite backup facility (paul)
0000879: [Backup/Restore] During database backup, backup to temp file, then rename/move on success (paul)
0000025: [Status Monitor] Have option in status monitor to pause/unpause schedule (paul)
0000713: [Admin] On users page, refresh outqueue count/size periodically (paul)
0000934: [Admin] Be able to add CIDR values to block/never block lists (paul)
0000750: [WebMail] Look into supporting FastCGI/CGI for Webmail/admin pages (paul)
0000950: [WebMail] Webmail HTML signatures added incorrectly (paul)
0000938: [Misc] If attachment filtering blocks a TNEF attachment with a 'rename' action, then VPOP3 crashes (paul)
0000969: [Misc] Service app needs to wait until VPOP3 is actually started up before reporting 'started' (paul)
0000946: [Admin] Error importing autoresponders with time conditions from VPOP3 prior to v5 (paul)
0000904: [WebMail] "Print Message" button does not work from "Message" menu in grid view (Simon)
0000905: [WebMail] attachment icons not visible on print page (Simon)
0000903: [WebMail] several attachments hidden from message print (Simon)
0000913: [WebMail] redirect basic webmail to home2.html (Simon)
0000876: [Misc] Have bandwidth limits per service configurable from settings (paul)
0000914: [Misc] Incorrect string when logging RBL finds in Enterprise (paul)
0000915: [FaxServer] Incorrect string when notifying of received message (paul)
0000875: [Misc] Better bandwidth throttling facilities for services (paul)
0000878: [POP3 Server] Have option to 'hold' instead of 'delete' (paul)
0000733: [SMTP Client] Different SMTP timeouts depending on phase (paul)
0000888: [Admin] Password reset key from our website (paul)
0000897: [Misc] Log files show incorrect licence size (paul)
0000909: [Admin] Be able to see how many lines have been read from the various spamfilter script files (paul)
0000895: [Admin] While importing large numbers of messages to the outqueue, update outqueue count periodically (paul)
0000911: [Misc] New users not added to 'everyone' list (paul)
0000867: [SMTP Client] Have 'Hold until' feature for Out queue (paul)
0000898: [Misc] Greylisting tables currently need exclusive locks to work, and pg_dump blocks those (paul)
0000739: [Misc] Check what happens if VPOP3 is configured to use Sophos for virus scanning and SAVI isn't installed (paul)
0000869: [Admin] Outqueue count doesn't automatically refresh (paul)
0000883: [Admin] In LAN forwarding have separate boxes for username/password (paul)
0000880: [Admin] Domain mapping edits/deletions are not saved (paul)
0000772: [Admin] Support mass deletion of messages from outqueue (paul)
0000734: [SMTP Client] When message succeeds in sending, need to record 2xx response from server in outqueue DB (paul)
0000744: [Admin] Global signature does not apply if user signature previously set to blank (paul)
0000870: [Admin] Leading blank lines at start of text global signatures are lost (paul)
0000805: [Misc] Add IDS/IPS to POP3/IMAP/Webmail (paul)
0000806: [Admin] Line up 'view' buttons in Settings -> Diagnostics (paul)
0000719: [SMTP Client] MX connecting to takes ages to fail (paul)
0000803: [Admin] Pasting an IP address into the Block List and Never Block List of IDS/IPS does not activate add button (paul)
0000812: [Admin] Autoresponder calendars not activating "Submit" button (paul)
0000851: [Admin] "Immediately copy messages already in this user's inbox to assistant(s)" doesn't work if there is more than one assistant (paul)
0000852: [Admin] Allow "Immediately copy messages already in this user's inbox to assistant(s)" to work with external assistants (paul)
0000862: [Status Monitor] Handle resizing better (paul)
0000861: [Status Monitor] Give VPOP3 version number to status monitor so it can display it (paul)
0000841: [Admin] On Access restrictions have 'users' column show '<all>' if it's blank (paul)
0000845: [Misc] API: ~replyinfo~ ignoring the "Reply-To" header (paul)
0000844: [Misc] ~attachmentlist~ Webmail/API replacement breaks pages (paul)
0000854: [Admin] Error dialog when editing autoresponder (paul)
0000853: [POP3 Client] Preload POP3 message download details (paul)
0000795: [Misc] Delete file on reboot (paul)
0000833: [Misc] Have online activation process (paul)
0000834: [CalDAV] Fix issues with iPad and CalDAV (paul)
0000783: [Admin] New way of entering reseller information (paul)
0000843: [WebMail] Reply and top-posting not working in Mobile webmail (Simon)
0000816: [WebMail] remove sender's own email address from recipients of a "Reply All" (Simon)
0000837: [WebMail] Calendar url displayed wrong if port is default (80/443) (Simon)
0000700: [WebMail] Reloading does not complete where a checked calendar has been removed (Simon)
0000793: [WebMail] Sorting webmail messages by subject, will place lowercase before uppercase (Simon)
0000735: [WebMail] Split all non-message content out of the message view page (Simon)
       0000692: [WebMail] Message handler for individual messages (Simon)
0000688: [WebMail] Double-left-click to open message causes "allow images" toolbar to disappear (Simon)
0000599: [Misc] Rules for archiving (paul)
0000824: [Misc] For archive main store, let user specify share username/password in VPOP3 setting (paul)
0000726: [Archiving] Have option to rescan archive folders for missing files to insert into index (paul)
0000724: [Archiving] Change date field in database to timestamp (paul)
0000817: [Misc] Set database clustering on tables (paul)
0000823: [Admin] Status not always updating when schedule paused, activated/deactivated, etc (paul)
0000794: [Autoresponders] For autoresponses, attachments, have to upload the attachment to the server before it can be attached (paul)
0000788: [Admin] Autoresponder help options unavailable (paul)
0000786: [Admin] Add validrecipients & invalidrecipients to download rule editor (paul)
0000784: [Admin] Add kB, MB etc to download rule 'size' condition options (paul)
0000785: [Admin] Change 'InMail' in Download rules to 'Collector' (paul)
0000582: [SMTP Client] In Status monitor when sending, show authenticated user if any (paul)
0000792: [Admin] IDS system should record why it blocked an IP address (paul)
0000791: [Admin] On Status window in admin, changing connection to connect to triggers Submit button (paul)
0000775: [WebMail] Move *.LNG files into Webmail folder (paul)
0000769: [IMAP4 Server] SEARCH SINCE not returning correct values (paul)
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