Not Yet Released
0002249: [Misc] Write start time to stats table in database (paul)
0002243: [Admin] Minimum password length is not saved in the settings correctly (paul)
0002239: [SMTP Server] Be less harsh with repeated syntax errors in the same connection (paul)
0002238: [Misc] Add Lua functions for S3 store/retrieval (paul)
0002237: [Misc] Add Lua functions for encryption & decryption (paul)
0002236: [Archiving] Add Lua script capability for custom store/retrieve functions for archive (paul)
0002235: [Misc] VPOP3 initialisation creates incorrect blank Lua scripts (paul)
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Released 2021-11-02
0002218: [Misc] PostgreSQL reporting 'bigint overflow' errors updating logdb summary (paul)
0002220: [SMTP Server] SPF Whitelist isn't working properly (paul)
0002219: [Misc] 'deletedmsgdata' database table for search indexing never gets cleared out if search DB doesn't exist (paul)
0000611: [Misc] Get rid of 'firstlocaldomain' usage and use 'default domain' again (paul)
0002018: [Misc] Folder move not working if target folder name is already subscribed (paul)
0002201: [Admin] On Status page, biggest folders includes deleted folders (with no user) (paul)
0002217: [Misc] Add 'SMTP Incoming' and 'SMTP Local' Mapping types (paul)
0002192: [SMTP Client] DSN 'delivered' messages are being sent for sent messages when they shouldn't be (paul)
0002213: [Installer] When validating external DB configuration during install, checks for wrong version (paul)
0002212: [Installer] For a DB upgrade, the installer should copy the old DB's collation locale (paul)
0002189: [WebMail] 'Show message source' doesn't work in New Webmail for quarantined messages (paul)
0002198: [WebMail] If a user's 'Real name' contains a '@' symbol, Webmail sends the From: header formatted incorrectly (paul)
0002211: [WebMail] Settings aren't saved in new Webmail (paul)
0002195: [Misc] Lua PostgresQuery is returning nothing when there's an empty result set (paul)
0002199: [WebMail] 2FA QR code doesn't scan in Google Authenticator on iOS devices (paul)
0002207: [Misc] DNS MX Overrides not working correctly if passwords contain ~ character (paul)
0002205: [Installer] Attachment extraction/removal does not insert text indicating an attachment has been removed (paul)
0002209: [Misc] Add ability to set message headers in Lua "VPOP3.SendMessage" function (paul)
0002202: [WebMail] Webmail doesn't always timeout if SSL is supported but not being used (paul)
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Released 2021-03-23
0002203: [Admin] Users are not deleted from the database correctly (paul)
0002162: [WebMail] New Webmail addresses 'All address book entries' overlaps button next to it (paul)
0002181: [WebMail] new Webmail - moving messages from quarantine doesn't work (paul)
0002182: [WebMail] New Webmail - shouldn't be able to reply to messages in Quarantine (paul)
0002186: [WebMail] Manual Webmail Rules don't get saved (paul)
0002180: [Misc] When user is deleted admin message targets don't get updated accordingly (paul)
0002179: [Misc] VPOP3 not deleting user scripts when user deleted (paul)
0002187: [Misc] Allow Lua Script errors to be emailed to administrator (paul)
0002188: [Misc] Change Lua.out to use main logging system (paul)
0002185: [Misc] Have ability to require Lua scripts to be digitally signed (paul)
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Released 2021-03-08
0002178: [Misc] Licence entry doesn't work if using online activation bypass code (paul)
0002177: [Misc] Add HTTP 'Post' function to Lua scripting (paul)
0002174: [SMTP Server] SPF 'a' check doesn't work properly with HUGE A DNS records (paul)
0002176: [WebMail] New Webmail doesn't send messages if SMTP service isn't bound to (paul)
0002172: [IMAP4 Server] Optimise IMAP4 Fetch with multiple BODY[] queries (paul)
0002171: [Misc] For List welcome messages, sender is always in the default domain (paul)
0002173: [Misc] Add Lua SSH functions (paul)
0002163: [Admin] Routine to check if DB backup executable directory is valid does not work properly (paul)
0002169: [Misc] Update Lua version from 5.2 to 5.4 (paul)
0002160: [Misc] Quota message isn't clear who it's intended for if there are assistants involved (paul)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2020-09-07
0000838: [WebMail] Be able to customise calendar colours in Webmail (Simon)
0000604: [Misc] Language: inconsistencies in encoding and double encoding (paul)
0000606: [Misc] Language: user-specific language files (paul)
0000607: [Misc] Language: consider storage of translations within database; separate to text strings (paul)
0000191: [Admin] Have a 'Web API' for VPOP3 (paul)
0002146: [Misc] If assistant sends message to a user with more than one assistant, they get their message copied back to them (paul)
0002140: [Installer] Installer should use ICACLS instead of CACLS (paul)
0002142: [Misc] Upgrade OpenSSL version to 1.1.1g (paul)
0002143: [Installer] Upgrade PostgreSQL version to 10.13 (paul)
0002145: [Admin] Changes in the "Autoresponder header filters" and in the "Autoresponder reply filters" are not saved (paul)
0002131: [Admin] Changing the quarantine schedule has no effect immediately (paul)
0002139: [WebMail] Password entry page allows illegal characters to be entered (paul)
0002138: [Admin] When a password is set with an invalid character, the admin UI reports 'password too short' (paul)
0002137: [Admin] LAN Forwarding config changes passwords to asterisks on editing (paul)
0002136: [SMTP Client] SMTP MX DNS Overrides can't handle : in username or @ in password (paul)
0002129: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP4 STATUS response isn't quoted correctly (paul)
0002133: [Admin] Outqueue 'size' is showing the message count instead (paul)
0002135: [Admin] Importing list members from CSV doesn't import "real name" column (paul)
0002132: [WebMail] Access restriction errors are not being logged correctly in SECURITY.LOG (paul)
0002125: [Misc] Temporary files not being deleted automatically (paul)
0002123: [WebMail] UserManager LUA script doesn't work with Webmail for username mapping (paul)
0002124: [POP3 Server] UserManager LUA script doesn't work with POP3 for username mapping (paul)
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Released 2019-11-07
0002103: [Admin] Searching for list member only searches the populated list table entries (paul)
0002122: [Misc] On initial setup, database creation sometimes fails (paul)
0002117: [Backup/Restore] Add support for Wasabi Cloud Storage (paul)
0001686: [VPOP3 Antivirus] If AV 'restart on fatal error' is checked, then VPOP3 will restart continuously if AV licence expires (paul)
0002115: [WebMail] 'Empty Delete Items' on exit isn't working (paul)
0001721: [WebMail] Hiding preview pane in Webmail breaks other tabs (paul)
0002121: [Admin] Chrome autocompleting Network login details on Settings -> Database -> Backups page (paul)
0002120: [Admin] Database page stats don't load if a large folder's name contains an apostrophe (paul)
0002116: [Admin] "Close or Esc Key" to close some admin popups doesn't work with Esc key (paul)
0002111: [Misc] Background task schedules - SQL error when disabling schedule (paul)
0002109: [Misc] Incoming SMTP messages which are rejected due to Attachment Filtering cause incorrect message (paul)
0002110: [SMTP Client] SMTP Sender Domain Filtering doesn't handle "" properly (paul)
0002108: [SMTP Client] Send errors don't get sent if one recipient is blocked but others succeed (paul)
0002105: [Misc] Bounce messages go back to the mailbox address, not the original email address (paul)
0002106: [Misc] Some bounce messages don't contain the correct Reporting-MTA (paul)
0002107: [Misc] Send original recipient details to MonitorIncoming & MonitorInternal Lua functions (paul)
0002102: [Autoresponders] Be able to trigger 'Copyto' part of autoresponder even if the message isn't suitable for being responded to (paul)
0002101: [Autoresponders] Put extra autoresponder info into Message Tracker log (paul)
0002100: [SMTP Server] SMTP service crashes if Access Restriction contains a userid for a deleted user (paul)
0002092: [Backup/Restore] Need to delete DBBACK.TMP before checking for disk space (paul)
0001670: [CalDAV] Calendar sharing only uses primary group, not secondary groups (paul)
0002093: [POP3 Client] Download Rules condition with multiple header field names will fail to be checked properly (paul)
0001156: [SMTP Client] Make VPOP3 ignore obviously incorrect MX records - and scripting for less obviously incorrect (paul)
23 issues View Issues
Released 2018-12-10
0002089: [Misc] Attachment filter spam score doesn't get added properly (paul)
0001902: [Misc] With attachment filtering renaming, support changing the MIME type as well (paul)
0002087: [Misc] If a Connection uses a backup Connection, and that backup connection is deleted, VPOP3 will still try to use it (paul)
0002052: [Backup/Restore] Have option to encrypt daily backups (paul)
0002073: [Misc] DMARC Aggregate Report loops (paul)
0002085: [SMTP Client] Put encryption type in Transcript log (paul)
0002086: [SMTP Server] Put encryption type in Transcript log (paul)
0002084: [SMTP Server] With SMTP put encryption type in Received header (paul)
0002050: [Misc] Upgrade OpenSSL version for 32 bit VPOP3 (paul)
0002083: [Misc] VPOP3 crashing when generating DMARC aggregate reports if the RUA email address has blank domain (paul)
0002082: [Status Monitor] Have setting to disable use of 'Pause/Resume Schedule' in Status Monitor (paul)
0002079: [Spamfilter] Have Status Monitor 'popup' feature (paul)
0002080: [Misc] Allow Lua script to trigger Status Monitor "popup" (paul)
0002081: [Misc] Add 'Send Controlled Message' Lua support function (paul)
0002077: [Misc] Add 'Send Message' Lua support function (paul)
0002076: [Misc] Attachment filter error messages don't always decode non-ASCII filenames correctly (paul)
0002075: [Misc] Attachment filter 'skip filtering' filters don't work sometimes (paul)
0002074: [Archiving] Recovering messages from Archive show messages with incorrect file size (paul)
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Released 2018-10-11
0002067: [SMTP Server] Add DMARC support (paul)
0002071: [Archiving] Extracting archive to ZIP file isn't working correctly (paul)
0002072: [SMTP Server] DKIM signing crashing VPOP3 (paul)
0002069: [WebMail] 2FA isn't working - user can enter any 2FA code to log in if it is optional (paul)
0002066: [Misc] When customising Text Strings in VPOP3, blank spaces are trimmed (paul)
0002025: [Admin] Bulk Delete from Spam filter Blacklist doesn't work with date rules (paul)
0002057: [WebMail] When releasing spam without logging in, user's 'actions' settings are not being honoured (paul)
0002062: [Misc] Some Text Strings use replacements, eg for subject that need to be MIME-decided before use (paul)
0002065: [Misc] Attachment processing 'skip filtering'/'do filtering' don't MIME decode headers (paul)
0002054: [Archiving] If archive.lua is returning the 'block' string (see 0001829) then the message will be stuck in the archive queue (paul)
0002064: [Admin] When creating a new autoresponder, the default 'subject' setting is wrong (paul)
0002041: [Misc] Add spam score to Message Trace message info (paul)
0002058: [Admin] When exporting Mappings to file, 'include headers' option isn't working (paul)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2018-06-04
0002046: [SMTP Server] As well as limits for incoming SMTP sessions, have limits for internal sessions (paul)
0002051: [Misc] Port to Visual Studio 2017 (paul)
0001971: [WebMail] Support 2FA (Google Authenticator) (paul)
0002044: [IMAP4 Server] Store parsed message header data for quicker searches (paul)
0002042: [Misc] Add more info about assistant decision making to Message Trace info (paul)
0002040: [Misc] Be able to configure how long to try to connect to PostgreSQL server in VPOP3.INI file (paul)
0002037: [Misc] Performance monitor increases CPU load (paul)
0002038: [SMTP Server] When deciding which signature to use, a single & nbsp ;  in a HTML signature is making VPOP3 think that signature was defined (paul)
0002030: [Misc] MOTD and other updates should be over https (paul)
0002036: [Admin] Can't tell whether 32 or 64 bit version is installed (paul)
0002031: [Admin] Add User wizard only allows up-to 16 character passwords (paul)
0002028: [Spamfilter] Spamfilter updates should be over https (paul)
0002033: [Admin] Logout button doesn't appear on Admin pages on screens about 850-1100 pixels wide (paul)
0002032: [Admin] Priority support expiry showing as 'NaN' on the About page on Safari on a Mac (paul)
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Released 2018-01-29
0002002: [Misc] Text for error code 4602 missing (paul)
0002023: [Misc] Errors being logged due to duplicated address book entries (paul)
0002021: [Misc] VPOP3 reports misleading error if there's an error retrieving a message using IMAP4 (paul)
0002020: [Admin] Can't delete a user with personal address book entries (paul)
0002019: [Admin] Can't delete a user with multiple message rules (paul)
0002017: [Misc] Assistants aren't always being processed if assistants are also recipients (paul)
0001988: [WebMail] Allow user to search quarantine for all dates (paul)
0002011: [Archiving] Have an archive manager "role" who receives notifications of archive actions (paul)
0002012: [Misc] Message action auditing isn't logging message copy actions (paul)
0002010: [Archiving] When logging archive searches, record which user requested it (paul)
0001999: [Misc] Detect busiest IP address and show in admin status bar (paul)
0002008: [WebMail] If Webmail Login MD5 encryption is used, then disabled accounts can still be accessed (paul)
0002007: [Misc] Have facility for Lua script to rewrite MIME sections of incoming messages (paul)
0002005: [Autoresponders] Autoresponder expansions not working in reply-to & From fields (paul)
0002004: [Autoresponders] If autoresponder expansions are only used in subject, copyto etc then the custom fields are not shown (paul)
0001753: [SMTP Client] Handle NULL MX records - RFC 7505 (paul)
0001838: [Misc] For attachment filtering have option to tell intended recipient(s) if message was redirected or deleted (paul)
0002003: [Admin] If you edit a user, their comment disappears from the user list (paul)
0001840: [Admin] Allow paging of quarantine search results (paul)
0001946: [Archiving] Have option to zip up & download archive search results (paul)
0001984: [Admin] Add feature to be able to view & clear MX sending DNS cache (paul)
0002000: [Reports] Exporting 'Received' report when a date range is selected only exports the first day's messages, not the whole range (paul)
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Released 2017-08-22
0001998: [Misc] New distribution list members start off suspended, with no way to unsuspend (paul)
0001996: [Admin] In Settings -> Database -> Message store show deleted folders (in VPOP3 Enterprise) (paul)
0001985: [SMTP Server] Add "Greet pause" functionality (paul)
0001992: [Misc] Attachment filtering on long filenames not working correctly (paul)
0001995: [Misc] Attachment filter rename/remove not working for POP3 Mail Collector with ID 2 (paul)
0001994: [Status Monitor] When status monitor connects to server, initial status line times are wrong (paul)
0001989: [Status Monitor] When status monitor activity log is copied to clipboard times are in GMT (paul)
0001986: [Misc] When upgrading from <=6.10 to >=6.11 the domain filter converter may not work properly (paul)
0001993: [Admin] Problem creating new autoresponder rule (paul)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2017-07-14
0001991: [Admin] Can't add new Autoresponder rule (paul)
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Released 2017-07-05
0001980: [Spamfilter] Support SHA1 hashing command in Spamfilter (paul)
0001983: [Admin] Misleading message if archived message file does not exist (paul)
0001981: [Misc] SSL errors have misleading error codes (paul)
0001926: [Misc] Add 'description' field into address book editor (paul)
0001966: [SMTP Server] Support RFC 4865 - FUTURERELEASE (paul)
0001978: [IMAP4 Server] Holding/Unholding mailbox messages not working properly with IMAP4 accounts (paul)
0001976: [Misc] Fix failed login report for Outlook (paul)
0001975: [Misc] Fix daily report message formatting for Outlook (paul)
0001977: [CalDAV] CalDAV incompatibility with CalDavZap Javascript Calendar client (paul)
0001974: [Spamfilter] Add more customisation options for Spamfilter quarantine reports (paul)
0001973: [CalDAV] calendar-query report not working correctly (paul)
0001970: [Misc] Have command-line options to view/update live VPOP3 (paul)
0001972: [CalDAV] CalDAV incompatibility with AgenDAV Web Calendar client (paul)
0001818: [Misc] Have option to send security.log to administrator on daily basis (paul)
0001969: [Admin] Add filter options to Security Settings -> Login Failure Log (paul)
0000835: [Backup/Restore] Don't do database backups if disk space is too low (paul)
0001757: [Archiving] Report failing archive process (paul)
0001968: [Misc] If "hold obsolete uidls" is set to 0, then VPOP3 doesn't remember UIDLs at all (paul)
0001899: [POP3 Client] With POP3 collector, let it download messages into a specific folder as well as user (paul)
0001861: [Misc] In Mailing lists allow specifying full names of list members to be put in the 'To' header (paul)
0001863: [SMTP Server] Have option to reject authentication attempts on SMTP server (paul)
0001961: [Admin] Autoresponder rule date/time calendars - 5th week isn't always visible (paul)
0001357: [IMAP4 Server] Add support for RFC 5161 [ENABLE] (paul)
0001965: [Admin] In admin Message rule editor, condition field drop-down is not obviously scrollable (paul)
0001480: [Admin] Message rules time condition gets saved incorrectly (paul)
0001964: [Admin] Download rule condition for most checks changing to 'is' during display (paul)
0001917: [Autoresponders] Have autoresponder option to only respond after X messages (paul)
0001955: [Misc] When storing a message to the database, re-use message data if header modifiers are the same (paul)
0001962: [Admin] Occasional div-by-zero exception in Status -> Sessions view (paul)
0000920: [Admin] Have option to remove/edit a mailing/distribution list member across all lists (paul)
30 issues View Issues
Released 2017-04-12
0001957: [Misc] Rename OUTQUEUE folder to '_TEMP' because it's used for more than outqueue messages now (paul)
0001604: [Admin] Add diagnostics tools to VPOP3 (paul)
0001746: [Misc] Make .NET 4.5 version of 'VPOP3Settings' (paul)
0001845: [Admin] Have popup text on hover over user list icon (paul)
0001954: [Backup/Restore] Database backup metrics are wrong when backing up to a network share (paul)
0001585: [SMTP Client] Allow Lua to set SMTP relay restrictions for this sender connection (paul)
0001097: [Status Monitor] 'Progress' indicator in Status monitor taskbar icon (paul)
0001817: [Status Monitor] Status Monitor Inbox summary view is sometimes just the title bar size (paul)
0001960: [Admin] Add CPU/Disk stats to admin dashboard view (paul)
0001959: [Misc] DB errors being logged if LDAP entries are hidden (paul)
0001947: [Admin] In Status -> Sessions window show CPU times per thread (paul)
0001958: [Admin] Global address book entry edit tabs not visible on load in Firefox (paul)
0001940: [Misc] Remove 16 character restriction on passwords (paul)
0001944: [IMAP4 Server] New IMAP4 search compiler doesn't always work properly (paul)
0001953: [SMTP Client] Per-time sending limits override per-connection limits if set (paul)
0001952: [SMTP Client] If SMTP client Auth Plain login fails, the connection attempt continues (paul)
0001950: [Status Monitor] Have balloon notifications for new IM messages in Status Monitor (paul)
0001949: [Status Monitor] Status monitor Instant Messaging renders CR/LFs wrong (paul)
0001948: [Admin] Make About page collect maintenance expiry directly rather than using cached details (paul)
0001945: [Misc] Problem handling returned tables from Lua callout functions (paul)
0001943: [IMAP4 Server] Support RFC 4315 (UIDPLUS) (paul)
21 issues View Issues
Released 2017-02-15
0001937: [Misc] Database partial restore strips first 4 bytes from restored messages (paul)
0001939: [Admin] Add support chat widget to admin pages for people with support contracts (paul)
0001938: [Admin] Blog entries missing from About page (paul)
0000573: [SMTP Client] Be able to 'share' outgoing connections (paul)
0001935: [Admin] When editing SMTP IP Access restrictions 'allow unauth access' checkbox doesn't respond correctly (paul)
0001936: [Reports] Add report to show messages sent through a Sender between two dates (paul)
0000951: [Archiving] Archive search on content does not work properly (paul)
0001081: [Misc] Investigate porting VPOP3 to 64 bits (paul)
0001834: [Installer] Have option at start of installer to automatically start VPOP3 at the end (paul)
0001929: [SMTP Server] Have Lua script for outgoing message header modifiers (paul)
0000613: [Admin] More details in LAN Forward queue summary (paul)
0001932: [Reports] In messages Received report allow date span (paul)
0001934: [Reports] In messages Received report show message count at top (paul)
0001931: [Reports] In messages sent report allow date span (paul)
0001933: [Reports] In messages sent report show message count at top (paul)
0000701: [Admin] Mail collector/sender/connection passwords need to be erased when edited (paul)
0001880: [Misc] Be able to hide local users from global address book (paul)
0001261: [Admin] When restoring from db, have option to choose time/date to restore from or to (paul)
0001207: [Backup/Restore] Have option to terminate a partial restore (paul)
0001928: [Archiving] Remove usually unnecessary database 'delete' operation during archive despooling (paul)
0001922: [Admin] Change slightly confusing 'confirm' dialog when copying messages to use an HTML popup instead of confirm box. (paul)
0001927: [Admin] Remove obsolete LDAP - 'return all attributes' option (paul)
0000787: [Admin] Download rules - improve item editor (paul)
0001923: [POP3 Client] Make download rules 'timenow' check work when wrapped around midnight (paul)
0001829: [Archiving] Allow Lua script to disable archiving for a message totally (paul)
0001918: [Autoresponders] Have a way of copying autoresponder from one user to others (paul)
0001921: [Admin] Can't view admin quarantine viewer in iPad web browser (paul)
0001920: [Spamfilter] Have online whitelist DB of verified DKIM selectors (paul)
0001919: [Spamfilter] Have online whitelist DB of verified SPF domains (paul)
0001852: [Admin] Allow comments in IP Access Restrictions (paul)
0001851: [Admin] Rework daily summary reports in HTML format (paul)
0001915: [Misc] Support Lua script to generate daily usage reports (paul)
0001912: [Spamfilter] Move spamfilter config into database instead of flat file (paul)
0001914: [Admin] Show alert for large folders (paul)
0001794: [Admin] On Dashboard, show 3 biggest folders (paul)
0001913: [Archiving] Adjust despooler thread priority depending on pending messages (paul)
0001597: [Admin] Have VPOP3 tell if spamfilter/antivirus licence is too small (paul)
0001911: [Backup/Restore] Database partial restore doesn't work if folder contains comma and whole user selected (paul)
0001461: [Admin] In Add Mail Collector wizard allow setting SSL / STLS options (paul)
0001848: [Admin] In admin message viewer show UID & internal message ID (paul)
0001836: [SMTP Client] With MX sending, allow overrides based on sender email address (paul)
0001844: [Misc] Thousands separator in number formatting is incorrect in Hungarian locale (paul)
0001849: [Admin] Have warnings if SSL v2 or v3 are enabled (paul)
0001910: [Admin] Sometimes while admin page is loading, it looks bad with bad formatting (paul)
0001907: [Archiving] Archive search with no criteria appears not to run (paul)
0001908: [Admin] Spam filter word lists with non-ASCII characters don't work properly (paul)
0001905: [Admin] When loading archived message from offline archive, slow with no indication of what's happening (paul)
0001260: [Misc] Have options for account locking (paul)
0001893: [Spamfilter] Support Lua script for quarantine report generation (paul)
0001798: [Admin] Add warning if Collector-specific mappings are to be deleted when deleting Collectors (paul)
0001433: [Misc] Have a 'custom CSS' file which is not overwritten on upgrades (paul)
0001904: [SMTP Client] MX sending crashes if SMTP client timeouts are blank (paul)
0001824: [Reports] Add report to show database table sizes (paul)
0001881: [Admin] Be able to add addresses to never-block list from the block list editor (paul)
0001871: [Admin] Submit button doesn't get enabled if HTML signature edited in HTML view (paul)
0001903: [Admin] Spamfilter whitelist/blacklist words don't work properly if there's a comma in the text (paul)
0001901: [Misc] With attachment filtering renaming, support scripting for new name (paul)
0001897: [Misc] Add VPOP3.INI option to hide SSL certificate (paul)
0001846: [Misc] Add information to database backup succeeded message (paul)
0001874: [Admin] Missing activity indicator on Diagnostics -> Message Search function (paul)
0001898: [Admin] Diagnostics -> Message Search not working for Subject searches (paul)
0001873: [Misc] Reduce number of spamfilter renewal reminders generated by VPOP3 (paul)
0001894: [Admin] Have option to disable TLSv1.1 protocol (paul)
0001896: [Admin] Have option to disable TLSv1.2 protocol (paul)
0001891: [Admin] When importing users from Windows, display import log afterwards (paul)
0001895: [Admin] When importing users from Windows, preview users in the selected group (paul)
0001885: [Admin] When importing users from Windows, set a more secure default password (paul)
0001890: [Admin] When importing users from file, display import log afterwards (paul)
0001855: [Admin] Button to set fax licence details doesn't work (paul)
0001862: [Archiving] If archived message isn't available, display the original filename of the archived file (paul)
0001889: [Misc] Add Lua script facility for password generator when importing users etc (paul)
0001888: [Spamfilter] Spamfilter BulkScan doesn't match if plain string match contains a word with numbers at end (paul)
0001870: [IMAP4 Server] Have option to disable CRAM-MD5 logins (paul)
0001887: [Misc] SMTP Rules & Download Rules are processing wildcards in begins/ends/contains comparisons (paul)
0001886: [Misc] Add index on message time to increase Webmail performance (paul)
75 issues View Issues
Released 2016-11-08
0001830: [Admin] In Internet Explorer 'Edit User' has unnecessary scrollbar at right (paul)
0001805: [Archiving] Have option to stop offline archive process (paul)
0001869: [WebMail] Allow SMTP service which Webmail Send uses to be configurable (paul)
0001884: [Admin] Problem with viewing Spamfilter settings (paul)
0001875: [Spamfilter] In Spamfilter make number of rule matches available to script (paul)
0001878: [Admin] In LAN Forwarding '-' characters aren't allowed in target server names (paul)
0001879: [Admin] In LAN Forwarding upper case characters aren't allowed in email address (paul)
0001872: [Misc] Error code 4578 missing text (paul)
0001823: [Misc] Switch to PostgreSQL 9.5 (paul)
0001877: [Admin] Admin pages don't work in IE if Compatibility mode is on (paul)
0001267: [FaxServer] VPOP3 crashes if standalone fax licence key entered, but fax software not installed (paul)
0001832: [Misc] If SPF is disabled in SMTP service, SPF checks still happen (paul)
0001847: [Misc] VPOP3 Http downloader not working if HTTP chunks > 10,000,000 bytes (paul)
0001856: [WebMail] Webmail sending doesn't work if SMTP service is set to 'STARTTLS' only (no unencrypted sessions) (paul)
0001860: [Misc] Virus warning filters not working (paul)
0001865: [IMAP4 Server] Problem with IDLE command if 'allow any line endings' is turned on (paul)
0001866: [Admin] Add option not to validate SSL certificates in Services settings (paul)
0001842: [Admin] Add spacing between Mark Seen and Release Msgs button in quarantine list view (paul)
0001841: [Admin] Increase length of message in quarantine viewer above 10kB (paul)
0001837: [SMTP Server] ODMR clients are doing SPF checking when they shouldn't be (paul)
0001831: [Misc] Allow use of *@... in LAN Forwarding rewrite address when address is not also *@... (paul)
0001828: [Admin] LAN Forwarding conditions can't be set (paul)
0001827: [Admin] LAN Forwarding 'Allow addresses without specific domain' option is not working (paul)
0001826: [IMAP4 Server] Rewrite IMAP4 search routines to improve performance (paul)
0001825: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP4 keywords are case sensitive (paul)
0001821: [Admin] If Mail Collector names have non-ASCII characters then Mappings page won't open (paul)
0001822: [Admin] Quarantine list shows message content if subject contains message (paul)
0001819: [Misc] use FTS indexed message subject/content in Diagnostics Message Search (paul)
0001816: [Misc] Add full-text search to messages (paul)
29 issues View Issues
Released 2016-06-08
0001811: [Admin] Have system 'message' system (paul)
0001814: [Admin] Message search not searching deleted messages (paul)
0001813: [IMAP4 Server] VPOP3 crashing on IMAP search (paul)
0001812: [Admin] Can't block IP addresses for >999 minutes (paul)
0001803: [SMTP Client] 'Change Internet Reply Address' option is not changing return path (paul)
0001809: [Spamfilter] Bayesian data not being loaded into memory correctly in a running system, so 'term' count doesn't update correctly. (paul)
0001810: [Spamfilter] Bayesian database data not always being correctly logged for 'spam' messages, reducing effectiveness (paul)
0001808: [Admin] LDAP ODBC link configuration page 2 doesn't open in most web browsers (paul)
0001807: [Admin] Settings -> Diagnostics page doesn't always open in VPOP3 Basic (paul)
0001799: [SMTP Server] Have VPOP3 optionally submit sender stats to us for analysis and reputation tracking (paul)
0001806: [SMTP Server] SMTP IPS isn't logging spam results correctly (paul)
0001802: [Misc] In attachment extraction allow directory expansion by sender/recipient(s) (paul)
0001462: [Misc] Add attachment filter option to send messages to quarantine (paul)
0001801: [Misc] LAN forwarding could get 'stuck' if there was a persistently failing receiving server (paul)
0001745: [WebMail] In Chrome, Webmail quarantine date list doesn't stay open if browser window too small (paul)
0001793: [Reports] Add report for the biggest folders (paul)
0001763: [Misc] Allow different header mods for different users from Spamfilter (paul)
0001800: [SMTP Server] Have options to reject messages immediately on SPF fail rather than going through spam filter (paul)
0001775: [SMTP Server] Add greylisting option to bypass on SPF check (paul)
0001797: [Admin] SSL Cert chain validation isn't working properly (paul)
0001791: [Misc] Remove LDAP POP3 support (paul)
0001790: [Misc] Remove JavaMail support (paul)
0001792: [Admin] VPOP3 warns about some of the new TLDs (paul)
0001796: [SMTP Server] Fix SPF checker 'redirect=' modifier operation (paul)
0001786: [Archiving] Show status of archive folder move operations (paul)
0001768: [Admin] When editing schedule allow selection of Connections from edit box (paul)
0001789: [Admin] Show more details of running tasks on server status page (paul)
0001774: [Spamfilter] Make spamfilter "about to expire" messages contain link specific for this licence/size (paul)
0001754: [Admin] Display last time VPOP3 checked for Spamfilter updates in settings (paul)
0001778: [Reports] Messages Sent - time does not handle timezones correctly (paul)
0001777: [Admin] Add viewers for transcript logs to diagnostics settings page (paul)
0001788: [Archiving] Be able to cancel offline backup actions (paul)
0001776: [Archiving] Offline Archiving error messages not always reported correctly (paul)
0001782: [Archiving] Offline archive ZIP maker - option to add more messages at once (paul)
0001780: [Archiving] Offline archive ZIP maker - option for 'inaccurate size' (paul)
0001781: [Archiving] Offline archive ZIP maker - option for 'number of messages' limit instead of size (paul)
0001783: [Archiving] Offline archive ZIP maker - see if we can improve progress indicator (paul)
0001784: [Archiving] Offline archive ZIP maker - option to store temp ZIP in VPOP3 directory (paul)
0001758: [Archiving] Run optional command every time a message gets added to the archive (paul)
0001756: [Archiving] Have FTP uploader for archived messages (paul)
0001787: [Archiving] Handle restart of archive folder move operations better (paul)
0001764: [Misc] Support Lua script on mail delivery to perform similar to Message Rules (paul)
0001202: [Misc] Message Rules are being processed when messages are released from quarantine (paul)
0001773: [SMTP Server] Lua script for SMTP Rules (paul)
0001449: [SMTP Server] Add SMTP Rule action to block IP address (paul)
0001767: [Misc] Message tracker duplicate record errors in some cases (paul)
0001772: [Admin] Save/Cancel button on Download Rules dialog is mispositioned (paul)
0001769: [Admin] Icons in group settings are missing (paul)
0001770: [SMTP Server] With SMTP Rules allow multiple recipients to be specified in a redirect/copy (paul)
0001771: [Misc] Store SMTP Rules in database in structured form to allow more flexibility (paul)
0001755: [SMTP Server] SMTP Rule to alter headers (paul)
51 issues View Issues
Released 2016-04-11
0001765: [Admin] Can't see more than 100 messages in admin message viewer (paul)
0001762: [Misc] VPOP3 won't run in Windows XP/2003 because of performance counter support (paul)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2016-03-22
0001759: [SMTP Server] SMTP Rules broken (paul)
0001761: [Admin] Quicklinks on Dashboard take you to the wrong place (paul)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2016-03-14
0001724: [Admin] Bulk whitelist/blacklist delete doesn't work (paul)
0001553: [Admin] Have facility to search message store (paul)
0001385: [Misc] In attachment extraction have Lua script to indicate which attachments get extracted (paul)
0000642: [Misc] Performance monitor counters (paul)
0000628: [Misc] Add 'COPYBAG' function to spamfilter (paul)
0001752: [Admin] In Mapping list, 'POP3' mappings are not ordered correctly (paul)
0000884: [Misc] Check SMTP Rules are stored in database not flat file (paul)
0001749: [Misc] Have lowish-level IMAP4 scripting capability - possibly in Lua with lots of helper functions (paul)
0001469: [Misc] Attachment filtering 'redirect' is working even if attachment filtering is disabled (paul)
0001384: [Misc] In attachment extraction have more options (eg filtering) to limit which attachments get extracted (paul)
0001618: [Archiving] Import all archive messages in folder into queue even if they're not being processed (paul)
0001750: [WebMail] If user is first user in users list, then folder sharing can't be set via Webmail (paul)
0001147: [Misc] Be able to monitor messages containing certain attachments (paul)
0001742: [Admin] As well as complete binding lock in VPOP3.INI allow limiting to one IP address (paul)
0001236: [Admin] Be able to view latest pgsql log from settings (paul)
0000685: [Misc] Check PostgreSQL version on startup (paul)
0001744: [Admin] Allow filtering in Admin message list view (paul)
0001417: [SMTP Server] Strip . from the end of email addresses in commands (paul)
0001743: [SMTP Server] Incoming SMTP with filtered attachments are not rejected if if settings say it should be (paul)
0001504: [SMTP Server] In DNSBL checker allow some sort of expressions (paul)
0001505: [SMTP Client] Add option for 'enforced TLS' to certain domains when sending using MX sending (paul)
0001506: [SMTP Client] Have option to force check of SSL certificate when sending messages to MX servers (paul)
0001546: [Admin] In Services -> SSL settings, try to validate certificate/private key settings (paul)
0001741: [Admin] Database backup sample command should expand out % fields (paul)
0001740: [WebMail] Uploading attachments in Autoresponder doesn't work properly (paul)
0001736: [VPOP3 Antivirus] Allow filters for virus scanner (paul)
0001023: [Misc] Allow local assistants/forwards to specify a target folder as well (paul)
0001737: [Admin] Autoresponder attachments can't be added to autoresponder immediately after upload (paul)
0001517: [SMTP Server] Don't use SMTP blocking for ODMR connections (paul)
0001528: [Admin] In DomainKey signing section show the available domainkey_<key>_<selector>.key files in the GUI (paul)
0001587: [Misc] Have global/group sender/target blacklists & whitelists (paul)
0001735: [POP3 Client] Add diagnostic UID info to Received header even if UIDs not present (paul)
0001589: [Admin] Allow setting per-user white/blacklists from bulk editor (paul)
0001588: [Misc] Move per-user sender whitelists into database (paul)
0001734: [Misc] DSNs not being generated correctly for LAN Forwarded messages (paul)
0001249: [SMTP Client] Add AUTH PLAIN support (paul)
0001248: [SMTP Server] Add AUTH PLAIN support (paul)
0001471: [SMTP Server] Successful SMTP authentications not logged in SECURITY.LOG (paul)
0001197: [SMTP Server] Add support for RFC 3848 (paul)
0001698: [Admin] Have import facility for Mail Collectors (paul)
0001708: [Misc] With failed login tracking, record failed passwords, and don't count the same bad password from the same IP address twice (paul)
0001731: [IMAP4 Server] Have IMAP4 action audit log (paul)
0001727: [Misc] MIME parser should handle encoded Content-Disposition filename parts (paul)
0001715: [Admin] Have setting in POP3 collector to replace NUL characters (paul)
0001717: [POP3 Client] If NULL character is encountered in message have option to ignore message (paul)
0001732: [Admin] Importing users from file fails on bad webmail password (paul)
0001716: [SMTP Server] If NULL character is encountered do a proper SMTP reject rather than drop connection (paul)
0001709: [Spamfilter] Auto-added whitelist entries are put in the 'manually added by' column by mistake (paul)
0001725: [Misc] Attachment filtering doesn't check both names if attachment has two different names (paul)
0001723: [Misc] Attachment filter may get confused if the Content-Type and Content-Disposition filenames are different (paul)
0001729: [Autoresponders] Support autoresponder macro expansions in SubjectPrefix option (paul)
0001714: [Admin] Close button on SPF Whitelist dialog doesn't work (paul)
0001722: [CalDAV] Have two 'names' for calendars so if the user renames the calendar, a fixed name can be used in any URLs (paul)
0001720: [Misc] Inserting personal signature inside global signature doesn't work (paul)
0001728: [Admin] Copy Archive Message to list is blank when viewing the archived message (paul)
0001712: [Admin] If SMTP authentication is disabled, IP access restriction editor still shows unauth/users list (paul)
56 issues View Issues
Released 2015-12-09
0001025: [Admin] Add 'context' help to the various setup wizards (paul)
0001705: [WebMail] Add robots.txt to Webmail (paul)
0001645: [WebMail] Have option to allow non-admins to search archive (paul)
0001465: [Admin] Add quarantine release options to user settings (paul)
0001466: [Admin] Add quarantine release options to Bulk Edit Users (paul)
0001711: [Misc] Support 2048/4096 DH Params in SSL certificate (paul)
0001704: [WebMail] VPOP3 crashes if you try to reload a quarantined message webpage when logged out (paul)
0001558: [Admin] When changing Webmail IP access restrictions, check if current PC would be allowed before saving them. (paul)
0001674: [WebMail] Have option to remove preview pane in Webmail (paul)
0001510: [Misc] Make VPOP3 recreate the msgdata_l, foldermessages_folderuidl and foldermessages_msgdata indexes if they don't exist (paul)
0001407: [Misc] VPOP3 crashes if bayes.ldb database is corrupt (paul)
0001472: [Misc] Increase default disk space checks (paul)
0001697: [Spamfilter] Add database functions to spamfilter scripts (paul)
0001702: [WebMail] Webmail reply/forward/etc don't work correctly if timezone is not an integral number of hours (paul)
0001701: [Admin] Wizards not always resetting when restarted (paul)
0001495: [Admin] Have UI for seeing settings changes from settingaudit table (paul)
0001700: [Spamfilter] Spamfilter not processing message HTML tag data correctly in all cases (paul)
0001699: [POP3 Client] POP3 Client NULL character replacement not working 100% (paul)
0001551: [Misc] With personal signatures, have the option to append the global signature (paul)
0001638: [Archiving] On offline archive page, show error text as well as error code (paul)
0001693: [Admin] Log/display filtered attachment filenames (paul)
0001692: [Misc] Recode attachment names to UTF-8 for attachment filtering (paul)
0001689: [WebMail] SMTP rules using 'auth sender' not matching messages sent via Webmail (paul)
0001696: [Misc] Importing list members fails if there are duplicates (paul)
0001569: [WebMail] Spell check finds error in non-existent word and locks up (paul)
0001695: [Admin] Unwanted debug message in Spamfilter settings (paul)
0001694: [Admin] Can't edit service bindings in VPOP3 Basic (paul)
27 issues View Issues
Released 2015-11-02
0001653: [Admin] In Database->Connection, the default port is still displayed as 5432 but it's now 5433 (paul)
0001681: [Misc] Add Lua Script facility for monitoring (paul)
0001691: [Admin] Changing Admin Settings -> Message Targets does not activate the Submit button (paul)
0001688: [WebMail] Webmail checkbox settings 'not sticking' (purge on exit, load images etc) (paul)
0001683: [Status Monitor] Double-clicking username in status monitor doesn't work (paul)
0001563: [SMTP Server] Be able to disable/alter greylisting by Lua script (paul)
0001581: [Spamfilter] Pass reverse DNS of sender to spamfilter (paul)
0001579: [Spamfilter] Add SMTP HELO text to spamfilter globals (paul)
0001648: [Admin] Have 'last update' status on Dashboard (paul)
0001644: [Archiving] Add digital signature to archived messages (paul)
0001651: [Misc] Investigate another way of setting licence details (paul)
0001685: [Admin] Auto-Update incorrectly reporting error after successful update (paul)
0001647: [Misc] Change automatic updater to fail automatically if it can't write to the directory. (paul)
0001178: [SMTP Client] Add DKIM support (paul)
       0001296: [SMTP Server] Add DKIM signing support (paul)
0001684: [Misc] Fix potential deadlock in string setting replacement expansion (paul)
0001678: [Admin] On Import Users, allow arbitrary settings in import table (paul)
0001677: [Admin] On Import Users allow 'copy settings from' option (paul)
0001680: [Admin] In Bulk Edit, for assistants, forwards etc have option to add/remove entries rather than just replace whole setting (paul)
0001580: [SMTP Server] Do Reverse DNS lookup on incoming SMTP connections for spam analysis (paul)
0001629: [Admin] Change diagnostics -> Log file sizes tab name to something more precise (paul)
0001650: [WebMail] Handle mailto: links in messages (paul)
0001017: [SMTP Client] Be able to have multiple mail senders for the 'if outgoing mail arrives whilst online, send immediately' (paul)
0001459: [Admin] The 'View Rule Log' button doesn't work in the user's Message Rules tab (paul)
0001679: [Installer] Add 'remote session' link to Start menu (paul)
0001676: [SMTP Server] SMTP Send quota no correct if size totals > 4GB (paul)
0001666: [WebMail] When forwarding messages via Webmail, sometimes 'strange' characters appear in forwarded messages (paul)
0001669: [Spamfilter] URLs containing 'www.' are incorrectly parsed by URL detector for spam filter (paul)
0001672: [Admin] Quarantine list times are double-corrected for time zone difference (paul)
0001671: [Admin] List member 'export' button has no label (paul)
0001673: [Admin] hold images not working in User mailbox viewer (paul)
31 issues View Issues
Released 2015-08-11
0001637: [Admin] Can't add a new Alias from edit user (paul)
0001640: [Misc] Add manual updater (paul)
0001665: [WebMail] Latest IE11 hides messages when paging through message list or deleting messages (paul)
0001652: [Misc] 'delete on reboot' for causes problems with some installers (paul)
0001664: [Misc] When detecting illegal NUL characters, allow setting an alternate character to use, instead of aborting (paul)
0001657: [Admin] Setup wizard doesn't progress if you choose SMTP incoming (paul)
0001663: [Backup/Restore] Support zero padded hour/day/month in backup filename generator (paul)
0001662: [Admin] Database Backup 'Temp filename' field is not filled when entering the setting page (paul)
0001661: [Misc] Error text for error code 10506 (NUL characters found) is missing (paul)
0001659: [Admin] Syntax check in Settings->scripts not working (paul)
0001656: [WebMail] In Address book share window in Webmail, put the address book's LDAP 'DN' for sharing in email client (paul)
0001655: [Admin] Settings Warnings page not displaying properly (paul)
0001654: [Installer] Need to limit shared memory usage to 512MB (paul)
0001649: [Installer] Need to check that the VPOP3 installation directory is not marked 'read-only' (paul)
0001643: [SMTP Server] VPOP3 messing up attachment formatting when adding global signatures (paul)
0001646: [Misc] Add timeout to automatic updater (paul)
0001642: [Reports] Many reports don't work (paul)
0001641: [Admin] Scheduling status displayed as 'paused' on dashboard, when it's not (paul)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2015-06-29
0001481: [Admin] Add move up/down buttons for Message rules in admin settings (paul)
0001600: [Admin] Be able to search for list members by email address (paul)
0001509: [Admin] be able to see previously sent messages in Outqueue (paul)
0001628: [WebMail] If trash/sent items/drafts folders are '', then webmail won't load (paul)
0001633: [Admin] IMAP4 Server configuration page not loading if no SSL certificate available (paul)
0001631: [Misc] MonitorMessageHeaderModifiers not being initialised correctly (paul)
0001632: [Admin] Popup appears when saving Misc Settings page (paul)
0001627: [Admin] Firefox not loading Antivirus page correctly (paul)
0001621: [Admin] Firefox not loading Server Status page correctly (paul)
0001624: [Admin] User message list not resizing properly on launch (paul)
0001626: [Admin] Firefox not loading Mail Sender page correctly (paul)
0001625: [Admin] Firefox not loading Mail Collector page correctly (paul)
0001619: [Admin] Firefox not loading Connectors page correctly (paul)
0001615: [Admin] 'Save Domain Filters' doesn't work in IE (paul)
0001617: [Admin] Settings -> Spamfilter -> White/Blacklists page not loading in Firefox (paul)
0001616: [Admin] Adding to white/blacklist - Add new entries button is placed incorrectly (paul)
0001623: [Misc] VPOP3 threads sometimes crash if users' old SQLite files don't exist (paul)
0001458: [Admin] Add buttons to move message rules up & down in list (paul)
0001460: [Admin] In Mail Connectors page, change the Add New items to be specific (paul)
0001513: [WebMail] If Quarantine server address contains port number, don't add it again (paul)
0001508: [Admin] In Settings -> DB -> Query, show the number of affected rows for delete/insert/update (paul)
0001607: [Admin] Quarantine message list date sorting is done alphabetically rather than on date (paul)
0001614: [Misc] S3 restorer can delete messages if there are errors connecting to Amazon (paul)
0001613: [Misc] Messages in Outqueue are being saved with dates in 1600 (paul)
0001227: [Admin] Add diagnostics logging options to mail collectors/senders/services (paul)
0000918: [Admin] Mail collector ordering display not correct (paul)
0001612: [Admin] In autoresponder rule settings tooltips for sender/subject are wrong (paul)
0001610: [WebMail] Automatic redirect from http:// to https:// is broken (paul)
0001244: [Admin] In Outqueue viewer, holding/unholding a message doesn't change the button's action (paul)
0001608: [Admin] When adding members to a list from the VPOP3 users list, it uses first local domain instead of default domain (paul)
0001609: [Misc] Duplicate keys being logged for mailtracker table (paul)
0001602: [WebMail] Check Webmail/admin login with IPv6 connection (paul)
0001611: [Admin] In Webmail server settings can't set encryption level (paul)
33 issues View Issues
Released 2015-06-03
0001486: [Admin] Improve Access Restrictions editor (paul)
0001593: [Misc] Keep some stats about autoprune (paul)
0001567: [Admin] Make admin pages HTML 5 compliant (paul)
0001606: [Admin] Deleting a user with message rules fails (paul)
0001605: [WebMail] Not saving 'allowimages' settings for some sender addresses (paul)
0001491: [Admin] Validate Webmail path change before accepting (paul)
0001538: [WebMail] Forward/Reply in Webmail doesn't keep accented characters in subject correctly (paul)
0001483: [Admin] Display whether 'connect.pause' exists in settings, and allow deleting it (paul)
0001564: [IMAP4 Server] Be able to set there to be no \Drafts folder for 'Special Use' flags (paul)
0001595: [CalDAV] Webmail calendar shows timezones wrong in some situations (paul)
0001594: [Admin] Changing global prune rules doesn't enable Submit button (paul)
0001591: [Admin] "Delay while moving messages" setting in Settings -> Database -> Store is inaccurate (paul)
0001583: [Misc] With 'Unlimited' licence size, it is incorrectly capped at 5000 users (paul)
0001577: [POP3 Client] Add progress indicator in Active Sessions when downloading messages (paul)
0001573: [Admin] "Allow user to create calendars in WebMail" setting not working correctly in Edit User (paul)
0001501: [IMAP4 Server] Allow Lua script to set IMAP capabilities for this session (paul)
0001270: [Misc] Allow admin to change colour coding for spam lists and email reports (paul)
0001561: [Admin] In Text String editor, default string is not displayed correctly if there are no replacements (paul)
0000673: [Reports] Reports for quotas (paul)
0001226: [Reports] Reports/users last login - sort by last web login isn't sorting correctly (paul)
0001225: [Reports] Reports/messages sent, sort by size isn't sorting properly (paul)
0001568: [Admin] Spam filter reports table date column sorts alphabetically (paul)
0001570: [Admin] SMTP Usage report doesn't report hourly usage correctly (paul)
0001565: [WebMail] Webmail not working if 'special folders' set to names containing accents (paul)
0001482: [Admin] In Bulk Edit Users, put 'kB' label on max message size setting (paul)
0001485: [Misc] When deleting a collector, associated Mappings don't get automatically deleted (paul)
0001488: [Autoresponders] Allow macro expansion in subject of autoresponder messages (paul)
0001489: [Autoresponders] Allow macro expansion in 'CopyTo' of autoresponders (paul)
0001487: [Misc] User upset VPOP3 by typing an autoresponse message into the 'copy original message to' box (paul)
0001494: [Admin] Settings -> Admin Settings has no submit button in IE8 (paul)
0001519: [SMTP Server] Make RBL DNS checker use VPOP3 DNS resolution & caching (paul)
0001537: [Misc] Change library used for activation (paul)
0001556: [Admin] Can't set mappings with capital letters (paul)
0001559: [Admin] Add-right-click menu to Mappings list (paul)
0001557: [Misc] dbchanges.dat not being deleted after reading (paul)
0001520: [Admin] In admin settings quarantine viewer, sort by subject or sender is case sensitive sorting (paul)
0001555: [Admin] Remove dependency on Dojo Toolkit v1.4 and v1.8 from Admin GUI (paul)
0001554: [Admin] Full details of held outqueue messages are not visible (paul)
0001541: [Misc] Add mapping creation/deletion/update into settingaudit table (paul)
0001540: [Misc] Add user creation/deletion into settingaudit table (paul)
0001552: [Misc] Have message "audit log" (paul)
0001545: [Admin] In Download Rule editor, the match types get changed incorrectly (paul)
0001493: [Admin] Autoresponder rule editor has no submit button in IE8 (paul)
43 issues View Issues
Released 2015-01-28
0001128: [SMTP Client] Have extra options in Mail Sender domain filters (paul)
0001348: [Backup/Restore] Support offsite sync to Amazon S3 (paul)
0001549: [Misc] Add extra info to POP3SVRTRANSCRIPT.LOG (paul)
0001550: [Misc] Fix incorrect UID being logged in logdb for POP3 server session message retrievals (paul)
0001548: [Spamfilter] Improve GetDecodedSection function to work with null characters (paul)
0001547: [Admin] Info page doesn't display correctly if no Internet connection (paul)
0001542: [Misc] If Housekeeper thread is auto-restarted, it restarts some other threads as well (paul)
0001539: [Admin] Outqueue viewer not showing held messages (paul)
0001534: [Admin] In autoresponders, if CopyTo has an invalid character, the JSON encoding gets messed up (paul)
0001484: [Admin] Changing any setting on Admin page sets ALL settings to %default% (paul)
0001527: [SMTP Server] Add extra diagnostic logging to the DomainKey signing process (paul)
0001524: [Misc] SECURITY.LOG contains some successful logins even if that is turned off (paul)
0001523: [Misc] LoginAudit DB table doesn't contain successful POP3 logins (paul)
0001522: [Misc] User last non-Webmail login not recorded properly in DB (paul)
0001516: [Admin] Autoresponder template custom field data not being saved in Firefox (paul)
0001515: [Admin] Autoresponder template custom field data not being displayed if the field name is not lowercase (paul)
0001492: [WebMail] Webmail not showing attachments without extensions (paul)
0001254: [Misc] Make spamfilter use SPF result for scoring (paul)
0001006: [WebMail] Be able to edit 'collected addresses' (paul)
0001474: [Installer] Change max Shared_buffers to 512MB (paul)
0001476: [WebMail] Reorder items in Webmail autoresponder settings (paul)
0001445: [WebMail] Add 'Edit' buttons to Autoresponder in Webmail (paul)
0001442: [Autoresponders] Change admin autoresponder settings page (paul)
0001473: [Installer] Need to change the way DB settings are set (paul)
0001451: [SMTP Server] SMTPSVRTRANSCRIPT.LOG does not log response after . character (paul)
0001468: [Misc] CVE-2011-0411 (paul)
0001450: [Misc] If forwarding fails, the bounce message seems to be sent to "@" which fails (paul)
0001467: [Admin] Wording for unregistered NNTP and Spamfilter/AV is different on About page (paul)
28 issues View Issues
Released 2014-08-22
0001455: [Admin] In quota settings, you can't set the send quota over-allowance to 0% (paul)
0001456: [IMAP4 Server] Shared deleted IMAP folders still have permissions from before folder was deleted, so are appearing incorrectly in folder lists (paul)
0001457: [Misc] User deletion sometimes fails (paul)
0001452: [CalDAV] Calendars (Webmail & CalDAV) don't work correctly in VPOP3 Basic (paul)
0001448: [WebMail] Have option to disable links in messages viewed in Webmail (paul)
0001447: [Misc] Use relative paths instead of absolute paths for folder names (paul)
0001443: [IMAP4 Server] Calculated permissions not always calculating correctly, especially is using 'Anyone' or 'Everyone' groups (paul)
0001439: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP4 STATUS command not working correctly (paul)
0001438: [Admin] About page not working properly if WebMail server is encrypted (paul)
0001419: [Misc] If outgoing messages arrive just as VPOP3 is about to start a scheduled connection, then the connection is skipped (paul)
0001444: [Admin] Some settings changes do not log 'updateuser' correctly (paul)
0001441: [Admin] "Misc" Controlled error message settings break for the 'Set' and 'All' ID lists (paul)
12 issues View Issues
Released 2014-07-10
0001379: [SMTP Server] Try to improve the performance of adding big messages into mailbox (paul)
0001353: [Misc] Add more options to attachment filtering rules (paul)
0001393: [Autoresponders] Autoresponder crashes if 'copy original message to' is set to the same user (paul)
0001425: [Status Monitor] Status line timestamps are double-corrected for time-zone (paul)
0001437: [CalDAV] Change the way RFC 6638 support is turned off from settings (paul)
0001436: [Admin] Show MOTD updates on popup on admin pages (paul)
0001435: [Admin] Improve About page in VPOP3 settings (paul)
0001424: [Misc] Add TrueUpdate to VPOP3 (paul)
0001434: [Admin] Remove references to JavaMail from the settings pages because it is extremely obsolete now (paul)
0001430: [Admin] Bulk Outqueue actions report the number of changed 'recipients' while calling it 'messages' (paul)
0001429: [Admin] Change Bulk outqueue modification default to 'retry' rather than 'delete' (paul)
0001362: [Installer] Not always setting firewall permissions correctly (paul)
0001418: [Backup/Restore] Partial restore of all a user's folders restores the folders with the username at the start of the folder path (paul)
0001420: [Status Monitor] On initial startup, the status monitor sometimes displays the login page before VPOP3 is ready (paul)
0001422: [Admin] Adding new Schedule creates a duplicate (paul)
0001421: [Admin] "If a connection occurred in the last x minutes, don't check at the next scheduled time" can't be set to 0 (paul)
0001423: [Admin] <None> option is missing from Failover Connection setting if other connections exist (paul)
0001416: [Admin] In Edit User, 'Use global prune rules' checkbox doesn't stay checked (paul)
0001415: [Misc] User/group max outgoing size limit is limited to 65535kB (paul)
0001414: [Admin] Group 'Max Outgoing size' resets to '1' after a reboot (paul)
0001363: [Installer] Make installer pick between 'new install' and 'upgrade' as appropriate (paul)
0000319: [SMTP Client] Logdb entries for 'M' types do not have subject (paul)
0001413: [Misc] Allow users to be in several groups for permissions/distribution groups (paul)
0001402: [IMAP4 Server] Change permissions system to allow more flexibility, and store calculated permissions (paul)
0001405: [WebMail] When user sends a message via Webmail, record the web browser's IP address in the message header (paul)
0001412: [Misc] VPOP3's SSL settings do not use the cipher suite settings correctly (paul)
0001410: [Misc] Set default to enable SSLv2 in Enterprise (paul)
0001411: [Misc] VPOP3 imports folders from users' directory trees on startup (paul)
0001403: [WebMail] Moving folder in Webmail doesn't update IMAP4 subscriptions (paul)
0001395: [Admin] Outqueue view slow with lots of messages in queue (paul)
0001396: [Misc] Make activation use normal VPOP3 proxy settings (paul)
0001397: [Misc] Check that all CkHTTP usage uses VPOP3 proxy server if set (paul)
0001163: [Misc] SSL connection to some servers failing for unknown reason (paul)
0001273: [WebMail] Can't create subfolders of Inbox in Webmail (paul)
0001367: [Misc] Have syntax check in Scripts settings page (paul)
0001386: [Admin] Be able to set user's Webmail 'Real Name' from admin settings (paul)
0001372: [Admin] In Services -> Status -> Permissions, show users for 'mixed' entries (paul)
0001388: [Archiving] Archive "last rescan" report doesn't show the latest rescan request if there are several in the database (paul)
0001391: [Admin] Access restrictions scroll bar is not visible (paul)
0001392: [Admin] Access restrictions 'address' field editor is not opened when a row is added (paul)
0001382: [Admin] Adding row to IP access restrictions table should scroll to new entry (paul)
0001389: [WebMail] 'Allow access to global address book' and 'allow calendar sharing' permission options for Webmail don't work (paul)
0001387: [WebMail] Can't add entries to global & 'personal' address books in Webmail (paul)
0001383: [Admin] Script editor page drop-down is too long and goes off the bottom of the screen (paul)
0001220: [IMAP4 Server] Have facility to 'lock' IMAP folders so they can't be renamed or deleted (paul)
0001208: [Backup/Restore] Add option to backup database every X days (paul)
0001371: [Misc] Trim exceptions.log at startup (paul)
0001377: [Admin] When setting an assistant, warn if 'forward waiting messages' is ticked, and the mailbox is large (paul)
0001378: [Archiving] When changing archive folder, move messages to new folder in background. (paul)
0001376: [Admin] Put servername & page into web page title (paul)
0001373: [Admin] Add/Edit Alias popup doesn't work in Firefox (paul)
0001374: [Admin] Edit Alias popup is sized incorrectly (paul)
0001368: [SMTP Client] 'Change non-local return path' in SMTP sender doesn't change unqualified addresses (paul)
0001361: [Misc] On startup don't update schema if not necessary and going to cause a problem (paul)
0001364: [Reports] In Reports -> Messages Sent, the date box appears behind the results table (paul)
0001365: [Reports] On SMTP Usage report, the date defaults to oldest date, not current date (paul)
0001360: [Misc] Update Lua to v5.2 (or later) (paul)
0001331: [Misc] Pass Signature Lua script a table of LDAP attributes for authenticated sender (paul)
0001242: [Installer] Make the installer kill postgres.exe tasks from VPOP3 folder after ending service (paul)
59 issues View Issues
Released 2014-05-07
0001262: [Installer] In installer have option to restore from backup rather than new install (paul)
0001167: [Installer] If VPOP3DB service is stopped before installation, installer can't detect some settings (paul)
0001354: [Admin] Make size dependent forwarding trigger 'forward' icon in user list (paul)
0001043: [Misc] Using size dependent forwarding can cause an infinite routing loop (paul)
0001352: [Misc] Add more options to attachment filtering (paul)
0001337: [Misc] Improve activation reliability (paul)
0000040: [Admin] Have 'dashboard' (paul)
0001341: [Admin] On SMTP Relay Sender, move 'Remote Server Restrictions' to a tab of their own (paul)
0001332: [Admin] Add text comment field to greylisting whitelist/blacklist entries (paul)
0001330: [Admin] In IP Access restrictions, users are displayed in ID order rather than name order in table view (paul)
0001343: [POP3 Client] If large number of messages in pop3.downloads table, then the 'tidy up' process can block POP3 collection (paul)
0001345: [Admin] Add SSL options to settings (paul)
0001317: [Misc] Add support for perfect forward security to the SSL implementation in VPOP3 (paul)
0001333: [Misc] IP addresses get added to block list even if they are in never block list (paul)
0001327: [Misc] CNAME Loop causes VPOP3 to crash - eg in DomainKey or SPF verifier (paul)
0001335: [Admin] Message list paging is broken (paul)
0001342: [SMTP Server] VPOP3 is using the 'Change Internet Reply Address' setting on internal mail when it shouldn't be (paul)
0001344: [Admin] 'Edit autoresponder rule' button doesn't work properly (paul)
0001339: [Misc] Mailing lists may block messages without a message-id (paul)
0001338: [Admin] Download rule editor does not work in Firefox (paul)
0001329: [Admin] Status page in settings doesn't keep scroll at bottom of list (paul)
0001328: [Misc] If there are lots of messages in the outqueue, then the tidy up at startup can block access to the DB (paul)
0001009: [POP3 Client] Have "Download Rule" Lua script (paul)
0000706: [IMAP4 Server] RFC 3348 (paul)
0001224: [Admin] Have dialog for adding/editing alias in Edit User rather than just adding a line to the table (paul)
0001325: [Reports] SMTP Usage report has incorrect data (paul)
0001246: [Installer] Change title of 'start VPOP3 as an application' shortcut (paul)
27 issues View Issues
Released 2014-03-11
0001288: [Backup/Restore] Have option to store temporary db backup file in an alternate location (paul)
0001190: [Admin] Record logging statistics and display/alert using them (paul)
0001210: [Admin] Add support to export mail folders to MBOX format (paul)
0000037: [Misc] Be able to use download rules to send email back to sender (paul)
0001323: [POP3 Client] Add download rule to 'reject' message (paul)
0001245: [SMTP Client] Add more complex SMTP relay sending limits (paul)
0001322: [Misc] On download message queries, the reply address is set incorrectly (paul)
0000849: [SMTP Client] Have more options for transmission receipts (paul)
0001211: [POP3 Client] Be able to specify 'special headers' using regexps (paul)
0000970: [VPOP3 Antivirus] VPOP3 Antivirus plugin can't access AV engine occasionally (paul)
0001308: [Misc] Log LogDB searches in DB (paul)
0001302: [SMTP Server] Add limit to number of times you can try to log in per session (paul)
0001303: [IMAP4 Server] Add limit to number of times you can try to log in per session (paul)
0001304: [Misc] Add limit to number of times you can try to log in to Status Server per session (paul)
0001301: [POP3 Server] Add limit to number of times you can try to log in per session (paul)
0000907: [SMTP Server] Have option to restrict 'FROM' addresses when sending mail using authentication (paul)
0001316: [POP3 Client] If message is 'force' redownloaded, bypass global duplicate detector for that message (paul)
0001315: [Admin] Allow editing of Lua scripts within the settings (paul)
0001216: [Misc] Lua scripts should be stored in database to be in full backup (paul)
0000994: [Misc] Autorestart option for VPOP3 if content scanner fails (paul)
0001313: [Admin] When importing address book entries, non-breaking spaces in the column titles in the CSV file mess things up (paul)
0001312: [Misc] Error strings 4249 and 4250 missing from message strings (paul)
0001297: [Admin] Add search to admin pages (paul)
0001309: [Misc] Be able to limit current message fetches per server/user (paul)
0001310: [IMAP4 Server] Limit IMAP search per user to one at a time (paul)
0001306: [Misc] Improve performance of adding collected users to database (paul)
0001305: [SMTP Server] Have option not to add SMTP recipients to users' collected addresses (paul)
0001272: [Misc] Error strings 257 and 261 missing from message strings (paul)
0001307: [Archiving] Log archive searches in DB (paul)
0001300: [Admin] Can't mass release messages from quarantine in webadmin (paul)
0001299: [Admin] Bold for 'unseen' quarantine messages in webadmin viewer not working (paul)
0001298: [Admin] Spamfilter quarantine colour coding not working in Webadmin viewer (paul)
0001294: [Misc] Add DKIM verification support (paul)
0001295: [Misc] Support Authentication-Results header (paul)
0001291: [SMTP Client] DSNs not sent to account assistants (paul)
0001282: [Admin] In Database section, show totals (paul)
0001292: [SMTP Server] not always working if postmaster user doesn't exist (paul)
0001293: [Admin] On edit/add mapping, the target list goes off the bottom of the screen (paul)
0001269: [Misc] Move viruswarnfilter.txt to database (paul)
0001188: [Admin] Be able to manually extract messages from a mailbox to a ZIP of EML files (paul)
0001280: [Autoresponders] Be able to specify return path for autoresponse messages (paul)
0001256: [Autoresponders] Use address book display name & email address entries for user when sending autoresponse messages (paul)
0000151: [Misc] Add spamfilter function to look inside ZIPs better (paul)
0001276: [Archiving] When recovering archved messages from an offline backup, report errors accessing ZIP file (paul)
0001289: [Archiving] Offline archive process not removing local copies of messages (paul)
0001287: [Archiving] Archive search results recipient information is not displayed correctly (paul)
0001286: [Archiving] Archive result sort ordering is not a strict ordering (paul)
0001285: [Admin] Make quarantine search case insensitive (paul)
0001275: [Misc] Make signature script able to look at subject line (paul)
0001040: [Admin] Spamfilter whitelist doesn't work in IE with large numbers of messages (paul)
0001284: [Misc] Improve diagnostic log background writer (paul)
0001283: [Misc] Add Syslog logging capability (paul)
0001281: [Archiving] Retrieving messages from offline archive ZIPs doesn't work properly (paul)
0001279: [Archiving] Archive data Import from v2->v6 not working properly (paul)
0001274: [Admin] DNS test results not displaying (paul)
0000369: [SMTP Client] Some SMTP client error messages aren't in the text string manager (paul)
56 issues View Issues
Released 2014-01-15
0000108: [Misc] Allow adding signature to internal emails as well as outgoing ones (paul)
0001247: [Autoresponders] VPOP3 crashes if an autoresponder is defined with a 'copyto' as the same address as the autoresponder (paul)
0001271: [Installer] Add timestamp to pgsql logs (paul)
0001102: [Status Monitor] Status window is always displayed on primary monitor when opened (paul)
0001176: [Admin] Be able to see in the settings, the 'last status" for a sender (paul)
0001175: [Admin] Be able to see in the settings, the 'last status" for a collector (paul)
0001219: [Admin] When editing LAN Forwarding rules, use the 'add' dialog instead of editing in-situ (paul)
0001268: [Admin] Old offline archive files are not listed in Settings -> Message archive any more (paul)
0000217: [Admin] Have option to have webmail/admin options in admin/webmail use same tab (paul)
0000259: [Admin] Resize settings tab panes properly (paul)
0000954: [Admin] Error displayed when deleting a list (paul)
0001251: [Admin] Changing virus scanner 'ignore virus names' box doesn't seem to stick (paul)
0000955: [Admin] Have popup for a new mapping rather than just adding to the list (paul)
0001263: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP FETCH ENVELOPE command returns wrong data for Reply-To address (paul)
0001258: [Admin] Settings -> Security -> View Event Log does not show dates (paul)
0001259: [WebMail] Hiding/marking seen quarantine messages doesn't stick (paul)
0001253: [WebMail] User can't set 'redirect to' setting in Webmail settings (paul)
0001250: [Admin] Allow setting of send priority for a user via VPOP3 settings (paul)
0001222: [Admin] Status bar vertical bars are slightly wrong (paul)
0001243: [Admin] Status bar information missing (paul)
0001241: [SMTP Client] Problems sending mail using message/recipient limits (paul)
0001230: [Misc] If attachment filter redirects a message, put a trace header in message headers to help diagnostics (paul)
0001041: [Misc] Spamfilter - be able to find blacklist/whitelist WORD which matched (paul)
0001234: [Admin] Some issues with IE11 in admin settings (paul)
0001233: [Admin] Tabs incorrect in list editor (paul)
0001166: [Misc] Need to manage PostgreSQL logs (paul)
0001126: [Admin] Give administrator options when bulk releasing spam (paul)
0001229: [Misc] The "account disabled" setting may not work with CRAM-MD5 IMAP password logins (paul)
0001217: [Misc] Have option not to log passwords in SMTP/POP3/IMAP Server logs (paul)
0000828: [Misc] In session logs, be able to only log certain IP address (paul)
0001221: [Admin] In Active Sessions display, show data sent/received (paul)
0000728: [Admin] In active sessions, be able to filter session types (paul)
0000729: [Admin] In active sessions, be able to 'freeze' display (paul)
0001161: [Admin] Add Edit buttons to Autoresponder settings (paul)
0001223: [Misc] During first startup after upgrade to v6.5, database errors because of settingaudit table (paul)
0001118: [Admin] Be able to 'save'/'load' an autoresponder to a file (paul)
0001101: [Admin] Unnecessary 'Submit' button on Status page (paul)
37 issues View Issues
Released 2013-11-07
0001131: [SMTP Client] Add key header fields to SMTPTRANSCRIPT.LOG (paul)
0001132: [SMTP Server] Have equivalent of SMTPTRANSCRIPT.LOG for SMTP service (paul)
0001521: [Admin] Add message trace functionality to help determine why messages weren't processed the way you thought they should have been (paul)
0000614: [Misc] Add tracking info to emails (paul)
0001398: [Admin] Add folder management tab to Edit User window (paul)
0000910: [Admin] Be able to force a reload of the spam rules (paul)
0001218: [Installer] Make batch files for useful database commands (paul)
0000916: [Misc] Lua script on message delivery (paul)
0000972: [VPOP3 Antivirus] Renewing licence does not re-enable virus scanner after it has blocked when licence expires (paul)
0001215: [VPOP3 Antivirus] Changing virus scanner or turning virus scanner off does not stop the virus scanner 'fatal lock' from blocking email (paul)
0001186: [Admin] Have option to move mailbox to new account (paul)
0001183: [Backup/Restore] Partial restore progress errors are not displayed (paul)
0001184: [Backup/Restore] During Partial Database Restore, have option to have VPOP3 create missing users (paul)
0000320: [Reports] Have report to show messages sent by VPOP3 (paul)
0001099: [Reports] Add report showing SMTP usage over past periods (paul)
0000980: [Backup/Restore] Database restore 'tree' seems to misbehave if changing databases etc (paul)
0001200: [Backup/Restore] When partial restoring from database, 'port' isn't pre-populated from previous restore connect string (paul)
0001201: [Backup/Restore] During partial database restore, restore folders in chunks rather than all at once (paul)
0001205: [Backup/Restore] During partial restores, occasionally messages are missed due to 'error 32's (paul)
0001206: [Misc] When VPOP3 sends an error message it base64 encodes it even if it doesn't need to (paul)
0001193: [SMTP Client] VPOP3 not reporting error message to administrator if the SMTP Client connection drops during sending message data (paul)
0001199: [Admin] When partial restoring from database, switching database doesn't clear folder list (paul)
0001204: [Admin] Selecting in the AV scanner log in the settings enables the 'Submit' button when it shouldn't (paul)
0001182: [Installer] Put VPOP3SETTINGS tool into main installer (paul)
0001187: [Installer] Installer not setting Read permissions for vpop3postgres on the root directory (paul)
0001195: [Installer] Installer should check if 'Secondary logon' service is running before creating database (paul)
0001192: [Installer] Installer isn't signed properly (paul)
0001169: [Misc] Have script/program to check basic settings for admin login (paul)
0000057: [Admin] Allow config of controlled errors via admin pages (paul)
0000055: [Misc] More controlled error handling (paul)
0000056: [Misc] Move controlled error configuration to database (paul)
0001138: [SMTP Client] SMTP Authentication errors not being reported to administrator (paul)
0000827: [Misc] Be able to send different admin messages to different people (paul)
0000284: [SMTP Server] On routing error on incoming SMTP, should give a 4xx error response to DATA (paul)
0001103: [SMTP Server] Be able to block new outgoing messages if outqueue is over a certain size (paul)
0001136: [SMTP Server] Be able to block new outgoing messages if outqueue contains more than a certain number of messages from the same sender (paul)
0000758: [SMTP Server] Have option to reject messages with too long lines (paul)
0001133: [POP3 Server] Have equivalent of POP3TRANSCRIPT.LOG for POP3 service (paul)
0001189: [SMTP Client] SMTP Direct sender is not using BATV (paul)
0000358: [SMTP Client] Have return address modifiers with MX sending (paul)
0000968: [SMTP Client] In MX sending, have a Lua script to allow setting of some remote server parameters (paul)
0001180: [Admin] Be able to change settings for multiple users at once (paul)
0001181: [Admin] Can't clear 'Store and Forward' LAN forwarding settings for a user (paul)
0000960: [Misc] When settings/users/etc are deleted/changed write to an audit log (paul)
0001171: [Admin] Be able to mark outqueue messages to be deleted when they're idle (paul)
0000551: [Admin] Allow admin to set alternative email addresses for users to send temporary passwords to (paul)
0001104: [SMTP Server] Be able to limit messages per session for local senders as well as incoming senders (paul)
0001105: [SMTP Server] Be able to limit recipients per message on incoming/local sessions (paul)
0001112: [SMTP Client] Be able to configure EHLO/HELO parameter for each mail sender if desired (paul)
0001113: [SMTP Server] Be able to override host name reported by SMTP server (paul)
0001170: [WebMail] Improve logo customisation in Webmail (paul)
0001168: [Admin] Add setting option to enable/disable log file buffering (paul)
0001173: [Misc] Migrate from Leadtools library to opensource library like ImageMagick (paul)
0001172: [Misc] Switch from obsolete Dynazip library to Chilkat ZIP library (paul)
54 issues View Issues
Released 2013-09-18
0001114: [Misc] On upgrade, VPOP3 crashes if bad data in greylisting whitelist (paul)
0001158: [Admin] When setting Lan forwarding entries, if you use just a username in the 'address' box it fails to add (paul)
0001142: [WebMail] Webmail Quarantine Viewer doesn't work in IE (paul)
0001165: [CalDAV] Problem with CalDAV authentication with iCal (paul)
0001164: [FaxServer] Database errors while processing fax (paul)
0001162: [Misc] Individual spam quarantine report targets are overridden by the global report target setting (paul)
0001151: [Installer] Make the installer not install into a non-empty non-VPOP3 folder (paul)
0001150: [Installer] Make uninstaller clear about which folders will be cleared (paul)
0000710: [Installer] Installer populates with version 4 licence key (paul)
0001145: [Installer] Sometimes the installer doesn't pick up the v5+ licence key during an upgrade (paul)
0001160: [POP3 Server] If an SQL connection breaks during a POP3 session, it doesn't get tidied up properly (paul)
0001159: [WebMail] Autoresponder settings in Webmail don't work in IE9 (paul)
0001157: [Admin] POP3 services settings page is wrong (paul)
0001141: [Admin] Display spam rule load status (paul)
0001140: [Admin] Have option to force reload of spam rules (paul)
0001155: [Admin] Can't set a LAN forwarding target hostname with a - character in (paul)
0001154: [SMTP Client] Outgoing mail processor crashes on huge messages (paul)
0001153: [Admin] Can't change IP access restriction 'prefix' (paul)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2013-07-25
0001088: [IMAP4 Server] Add support for IMAP4 Extended List option - RFC 5258 (paul)
0001091: [IMAP4 Server] Add support for RFC 5464 (METADATA) (paul)
0001096: [Reports] Change chart reports to just Dojox instead of JQuery.plot (paul)
0001090: [CalDAV] Problem with CalDAV authentication (paul)
0001093: [Installer] Need to check for suspicious SMTP rule (paul)
0001115: [Installer] Update openssl libraries used by VPOP3 (paul)
0001135: [SMTP Client] Make SMTP MX DNS overrides able to look at normal DNS results (paul)
0001110: [SMTP Client] With MX sending, allow DNS overrides to work on message size (paul)
0001111: [SMTP Client] MX Sending - allow DNS overrides to work on retries (paul)
0000670: [Misc] With multiple connections, and fast schedule, later connections may not trigger (paul)
0001124: [Admin] Services -> SMTP -> Spam reduction -> SPF Whitelist button doesn't work (paul)
0001125: [Misc] If incoming mail for a user is disallowed, VPOP3 reports the wrong error text (paul)
0001123: [Admin] SMTP Server settings not visible in IE8 (paul)
0001122: [Misc] Background log writer slower in v6.2 (paul)
0001018: [Misc] Add GEOIP support to access restrictions (paul)
0001121: [WebMail] VPOP3 not correctly reading the MIMETYPES.TXT file so inline viewing is not always working (paul)
0001116: [Admin] Settings -> ListServer page doesn't seem to work (paul)
0001119: [Misc] Make Lua MIME table contain more information (paul)
0001120: [WebMail] Have simplified Autoresponder setting option in Webmail (paul)
0000890: [WebMail] Webmail autoresponders not showing templates (paul)
0001108: [WebMail] Try to improve Autoresponder setting layout (paul)
0000818: [WebMail] For autoresponses, attachments, have to upload the attachment to the server before it can be attached (paul)
0000943: [Admin] Have 'respond' checkbox in autoresponder condition grid clickable (paul)
0000682: [Misc] Ability to disable rule, as well as autoresponder (paul)
0000891: [Autoresponders] Have text replacements in autoresponders based on conditions (paul)
0000893: [Autoresponders] Have custom replacements in autoresponders (paul)
0000892: [Autoresponders] Have Lua scripting replacements in autoresponders (paul)
0000537: [Admin] Be able to view autoresponder log (paul)
0001107: [Admin] Try to improve Autoresponder setting layout (paul)
0001109: [Admin] Autoresponder "sparks" don't work correctly if a date/time rule is set (paul)
0001089: [IMAP4 Server] Fix LSUB response for the 'NoSelect' special case (paul)
0001106: [Misc] Have a look at the 'update outmessages' fixup query at startup (paul)
0000326: [WebMail] XML refers to not existing parent (paul)
0001095: [Admin] Spam quarantine viewer doesn't colour-code items until you 'do' something (paul)
0001092: [FaxServer] If fax directory is not writeable, VPOP3 won't start (paul)
0000963: [IMAP4 Server] Support RFC 6154 (List extension for special-use mail folders) (paul)
0001098: [Admin] Can't edit autoresponder rules with times in (paul)
0001094: [Admin] Bayesian Analyse not working with some messages (paul)
0000278: [Admin] Spam report message counts are slightly out (paul)
0000921: [Archiving] Have facility to rename offline archives after making them (paul)
0001016: [Admin] Mark disabled users as special somehow in the user accounts list (paul)
0000942: [Admin] Be able to tell which the oldest 'un-offline-archived' archived message is (paul)
0000933: [Misc] Set match recursion limit in PCRE (paul)
0000932: [Misc] Update version of PCRE used in VPOP3 (paul)
0001000: [SMTP Server] Have option to 'monitor' BCCd messages (paul)
0001085: [SMTP Server] Support checks for BCCs in SMTP Rules (paul)
0001087: [SMTP Server] Have Lua script to allow rejection of message by checking recipients (incl Bcc recipients) (paul)
0001086: [SMTP Server] Have Recipient logging, with different types of recipients (CC, To, BCC) logged etc (paul)
0001083: [SMTP Server] Have whitelist/blacklists for users to say who they can send mail to (paul)
0000999: [SMTP Server] Have option to block BCCd mail (paul)
0001084: [Misc] Have user blacklist for incoming mail so users can't receive mail from specified addresses (paul)
51 issues View Issues
Released 2013-05-23
0000957: [Misc] Activity log 'Show Idle accounts' is incorrect (paul)
0001077: [Admin] Allow user to do a manual Bayesian analysis and see results (paul)
0001060: [WebMail] Toolbar button allows attempt to add address entry to read-only address book (paul)
0001059: [WebMail] Context-menu for address books doesn't allow adding a new entry to a shared book (paul)
0001076: [Admin] on schedule settings, if a connection ID is skipped, then displayed details are wrong (paul)
0001021: [Misc] VPOP3 leaving T*.DAT files behind with 'delete' message rules (paul)
0001072: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP4 'append' option to 'background save' (paul)
0001069: [WebMail] Can't open attachments in Webmail with folders with & characters in their names (paul)
0001066: [SMTP Server] SMTP login failure logged in security.log as a success (paul)
0001067: [Admin] SMTP -> IDS/IPS -> IDS log view is double-correcting time zone (paul)
0001068: [Admin] Security -> IDS -> Log is double correcting displayed times (paul)
0001057: [Admin] When deleting a user, the user's folder on disk isn't deleted (paul)
0001047: [Misc] In admin Global Address Book be able to see which books this address is in (paul)
0001071: [Admin] After session logout, re-login takes you to Webmail rather than back to admin page (paul)
0001038: [WebMail] Mobile webmail shows message timezone in UTC (paul)
0000195: [Admin] Add help to admin pages (paul)
0000995: [Admin] When adding a new user, be able to copy another user's settings (paul)
0001046: [WebMail] Remove 'drop-down' arrow at the side of recipients when sending message in Webmail - it doesn't do anything (paul)
0000896: [WebMail] Adding an address book entry to another user's shared address book doesn't work (paul)
0001056: [Misc] Possibly too many quotes during import of autoresponders (paul)
0001054: [WebMail] Adding user to personal address book in Webmail gives a 'noauth' error (paul)
0001048: [Admin] User based prune rules don't work (paul)
0001049: [Misc] Have option for 'send quota overage allowance' (paul)
0001044: [Misc] If running PostgreSQL on Linux date/times aren't parsed correctly (paul)
0001036: [SMTP Client] Have a 'max recipients per session' setting for Mail Sender (paul)
0001037: [SMTP Client] 'Max recipients per message' setting isn't working (paul)
0001034: [WebMail] On replying in Webmail, the recipient is a CC rather than To (paul)
0001022: [CalDAV] Test caldav compatibility with Bynari Webdav collaborator (paul)
0001007: [CalDAV] Add 'Tasks' support to CalDAV (paul)
0001014: [Admin] Submit button doesn't enable when altering published newsgroups in Services -> NNTP (paul)
0001013: [Admin] NNTP Client 'Enable' checkbox not working (paul)
0001012: [Misc] NNTP Client not connecting (paul)
32 issues View Issues
Released 2013-03-12
0000720: [Backup/Restore] Be able to set access details for saving DB backups (paul)
0000825: [Backup/Restore] For DB Backups, let user specify share username/password in VPOP3 setting (paul)
0000924: [Backup/Restore] Have facility to have fewer backups with extra % options in filename (paul)
0000993: [Backup/Restore] Lua script for generating database backup filename (paul)
0000981: [Backup/Restore] Restoring from v4 to v5 database using v5 restore facility crashes VPOP3 (paul)
0000949: [Misc] Distribution lists not working (paul)
0001010: [Admin] Can't add/remove IP blocks/never blocks in VPOP3 Basic edition (paul)
0000690: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP4 subfolders of Inbox (paul)
0000929: [Admin] Unable to change distribution list name or comment (paul)
0000095: [Admin] Doing DB updates from Settings -> Database query fails (paul)
0000566: [Misc] Decode non-ASCII sender/subject text in Spam Quarantine report (paul)
0000886: [Misc] Date header parser called incorrectly (paul)
0000732: [Admin] Have 'force retry all' in outqueue list (paul)
0000998: [Admin] Add facility to import entries to whitelist/blacklist (paul)
0000912: [Admin] default webmail to modern interface (paul)
0000738: [SMTP Server] Put outmessage id into SMTP server response at end of message data (paul)
0000804: [Admin] Importing members into distribution list from CSV is failing (paul)
0001003: [SMTP Client] SMTP Client Connection errors not reported to admin (paul)
0000631: [Misc] Use UNLOGGED for messages/updates table (paul)
0000575: [Admin] Be able to export spamfilter 'whitelist' & 'blacklist' (paul)
0001004: [Admin] Not able to clear "POP3 then SMTP connection" setting (paul)
0000978: [Admin] Allow bulk deletion from spamfilter whitelist (paul)
0000630: [Misc] Investigate using SET LOCAL synchronous_commit to OFF for some transactions (paul)
0000996: [SMTP Client] Greylisting option to just check /24 network rather than full IP address (paul)
0000952: [SMTP Server] Have option in greylisting to automatically 'whitelist' any successful IP address (paul)
0000997: [WebMail] Autoresponder in Webmail 'Enabled' should be called 'Respond' (paul)
0000723: [Misc] Set fill factors for tables (paul)
0000819: [Admin] Have UI for automatic deletion process (paul)
0000992: [Misc] SQL errors in LogDB with MX sending (paul)
0000965: [Misc] Command line switch/trigger file to start VPOP3 with scheduling paused (paul)
0000889: [Autoresponders] Autoresponder will not copy message to user for repeat sender (paul)
0000741: [Admin] Misleading description: disable signature (paul)
0000941: [Admin] 'Send Admin Message' window has link to (paul)
0000945: [Admin] 'Domainkey Signing' setting not sticking (paul)
0000985: [Admin] Add Bulk delete/edit facilityfor list members (paul)
0000990: [Admin] Bulk Add Users doesn't always work in IE (paul)
0000989: [Misc] VPOP3 crashes if assistant is set to invalid LAN forwarding (paul)
0000988: [Misc] Importing LogDB from v2.x can generate errors (paul)
0000826: [Misc] Have 'deliver then forward' option for LAN forwarding (paul)
0000987: [Misc] LAN forwarding breaks in some situations (paul)
0000973: [Misc] If AV has blocked, then unticking AV does not release the block (paul)
0000979: [Misc] Spamfilter only updates subscription expiry date when it downloads an update (paul)
0000956: [Admin] SMTP Rules setting issue (paul)
0000948: [Admin] VPOP3 locks up when changing a list type (paul)
0000947: [Admin] Can set lists to 'basic forwarding' when you shouldn't be able to (paul)
0000986: [Admin] When adding a new Mail Collector in IE9, duplicate gets added, as well as unwanted response (paul)
0000984: [WebMail] Incorrect message header formatting in Webmail (paul)
0000983: [WebMail] Missing Webmail words (paul)
0000982: [Admin] problem entering licence key in Internet Explorer (paul)
49 issues View Issues
Released 2013-02-06
0000840: [Backup/Restore] Offsite backup facility (paul)
0000879: [Backup/Restore] During database backup, backup to temp file, then rename/move on success (paul)
0000025: [Status Monitor] Have option in status monitor to pause/unpause schedule (paul)
0000713: [Admin] On users page, refresh outqueue count/size periodically (paul)
0000934: [Admin] Be able to add CIDR values to block/never block lists (paul)
0000750: [WebMail] Look into supporting FastCGI/CGI for Webmail/admin pages (paul)
0000950: [WebMail] Webmail HTML signatures added incorrectly (paul)
0000938: [Misc] If attachment filtering blocks a TNEF attachment with a 'rename' action, then VPOP3 crashes (paul)
0000969: [Misc] Service app needs to wait until VPOP3 is actually started up before reporting 'started' (paul)
0000946: [Admin] Error importing autoresponders with time conditions from VPOP3 prior to v5 (paul)
0000904: [WebMail] "Print Message" button does not work from "Message" menu in grid view (Simon)
0000905: [WebMail] attachment icons not visible on print page (Simon)
0000903: [WebMail] several attachments hidden from message print (Simon)
0000913: [WebMail] redirect basic webmail to home2.html (Simon)
0000876: [Misc] Have bandwidth limits per service configurable from settings (paul)
0000914: [Misc] Incorrect string when logging RBL finds in Enterprise (paul)
0000915: [FaxServer] Incorrect string when notifying of received message (paul)
0000875: [Misc] Better bandwidth throttling facilities for services (paul)
0000878: [POP3 Server] Have option to 'hold' instead of 'delete' (paul)
0000733: [SMTP Client] Different SMTP timeouts depending on phase (paul)
0000888: [Admin] Password reset key from our website (paul)
0000897: [Misc] Log files show incorrect licence size (paul)
0000909: [Admin] Be able to see how many lines have been read from the various spamfilter script files (paul)
0000895: [Admin] While importing large numbers of messages to the outqueue, update outqueue count periodically (paul)
0000911: [Misc] New users not added to 'everyone' list (paul)
0000867: [SMTP Client] Have 'Hold until' feature for Out queue (paul)
0000898: [Misc] Greylisting tables currently need exclusive locks to work, and pg_dump blocks those (paul)
0000739: [Misc] Check what happens if VPOP3 is configured to use Sophos for virus scanning and SAVI isn't installed (paul)
0000869: [Admin] Outqueue count doesn't automatically refresh (paul)
0000883: [Admin] In LAN forwarding have separate boxes for username/password (paul)
0000880: [Admin] Domain mapping edits/deletions are not saved (paul)
0000772: [Admin] Support mass deletion of messages from outqueue (paul)
0000734: [SMTP Client] When message succeeds in sending, need to record 2xx response from server in outqueue DB (paul)
0000744: [Admin] Global signature does not apply if user signature previously set to blank (paul)
0000870: [Admin] Leading blank lines at start of text global signatures are lost (paul)
0000805: [Misc] Add IDS/IPS to POP3/IMAP/Webmail (paul)
0000806: [Admin] Line up 'view' buttons in Settings -> Diagnostics (paul)
0000719: [SMTP Client] MX connecting to takes ages to fail (paul)
0000803: [Admin] Pasting an IP address into the Block List and Never Block List of IDS/IPS does not activate add button (paul)
0000812: [Admin] Autoresponder calendars not activating "Submit" button (paul)
0000851: [Admin] "Immediately copy messages already in this user's inbox to assistant(s)" doesn't work if there is more than one assistant (paul)
0000852: [Admin] Allow "Immediately copy messages already in this user's inbox to assistant(s)" to work with external assistants (paul)
0000862: [Status Monitor] Handle resizing better (paul)
0000861: [Status Monitor] Give VPOP3 version number to status monitor so it can display it (paul)
0000841: [Admin] On Access restrictions have 'users' column show '<all>' if it's blank (paul)
0000845: [Misc] API: ~replyinfo~ ignoring the "Reply-To" header (paul)
0000844: [Misc] ~attachmentlist~ Webmail/API replacement breaks pages (paul)
0000854: [Admin] Error dialog when editing autoresponder (paul)
0000853: [POP3 Client] Preload POP3 message download details (paul)
0000795: [Misc] Delete file on reboot (paul)
0000833: [Misc] Have online activation process (paul)
0000834: [CalDAV] Fix issues with iPad and CalDAV (paul)
0000783: [Admin] New way of entering reseller information (paul)
0000843: [WebMail] Reply and top-posting not working in Mobile webmail (Simon)
0000816: [WebMail] remove sender's own email address from recipients of a "Reply All" (Simon)
0000837: [WebMail] Calendar url displayed wrong if port is default (80/443) (Simon)
0000700: [WebMail] Reloading does not complete where a checked calendar has been removed (Simon)
0000793: [WebMail] Sorting webmail messages by subject, will place lowercase before uppercase (Simon)
0000735: [WebMail] Split all non-message content out of the message view page (Simon)
       0000692: [WebMail] Message handler for individual messages (Simon)
0000688: [WebMail] Double-left-click to open message causes "allow images" toolbar to disappear (Simon)
0000599: [Misc] Rules for archiving (paul)
0000824: [Misc] For archive main store, let user specify share username/password in VPOP3 setting (paul)
0000726: [Archiving] Have option to rescan archive folders for missing files to insert into index (paul)
0000724: [Archiving] Change date field in database to timestamp (paul)
0000817: [Misc] Set database clustering on tables (paul)
0000823: [Admin] Status not always updating when schedule paused, activated/deactivated, etc (paul)
0000794: [Autoresponders] For autoresponses, attachments, have to upload the attachment to the server before it can be attached (paul)
0000788: [Admin] Autoresponder help options unavailable (paul)
0000786: [Admin] Add validrecipients & invalidrecipients to download rule editor (paul)
0000784: [Admin] Add kB, MB etc to download rule 'size' condition options (paul)
0000785: [Admin] Change 'InMail' in Download rules to 'Collector' (paul)
0000582: [SMTP Client] In Status monitor when sending, show authenticated user if any (paul)
0000792: [Admin] IDS system should record why it blocked an IP address (paul)
0000791: [Admin] On Status window in admin, changing connection to connect to triggers Submit button (paul)
0000775: [WebMail] Move *.LNG files into Webmail folder (paul)
0000769: [IMAP4 Server] SEARCH SINCE not returning correct values (paul)
77 issues View Issues
Released 2012-10-12
Not released - changes included in 6.0
0001005: [Admin] Not able to clear "POP3 then SMTP connection" setting (paul)
0000940: [WebMail] Webmail Replies/Forwards do not contain original message if the original timezone was in a non integer hour timezone (paul)
0000899: [Misc] Incorrect quota warning being sent on startup (paul)
0000882: [Admin] LAN forwarding target server box not accepting @ character (paul)
0000901: [Admin] Importing address book CSV without DN or owner doesn't work (paul)
0000743: [Admin] Option appearing to create global autoresponder (paul)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2012-09-05
0000865: [Installer] vpop3msg.dll not being installed (paul)
0000887: [Misc] Support new 'VPOP3 Antivirus' plugin (paul)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2012-08-29
0000872: [Admin] User autoresponder filters/triggers are not saved (paul)
0000860: [Admin] Daily report generation setting not sticking (paul)
0000856: [Admin] Outqueue shows message time in UTC, not local time (paul)
0000859: [Admin] POP3 port Warning triangle doesn't disappear sometimes (paul)
0000858: [Admin] POP3 Port changes to 110 if 995 chosen but not SSL (paul)
0000855: [Admin] Submit button not appearing in 'Edit User' in Home User licence (paul)
0000846: [Admin] VPOP3 locks up when adding a new user when there are lots of users defined (paul)
0000832: [Admin] Database settings page not working on VPOP3 Basic (paul)
0000831: [IMAP4 Server] Support CHARSET US-ASCII properly in IMAP4 searches (paul)
0000813: [Admin] Suppress error message when entering Settings -> Database (paul)
0000822: [SMTP Server] If 'disabled default mappings' is disabled for local mail, then SMTP server doesn't handle it properly (paul)
0000821: [SMTP Server] <mailinglist>_owner not being recognised as a valid address (paul)
0000814: [Admin] Possibly forwarding deleted messages to assistant (paul)
0000811: [Misc] Mailing list %n and %l wildcards return blank values (paul)
14 issues View Issues
Released 2012-03-30
0000730: [Backup/Restore] Backups run irrespective of "Enable daily database backups" setting (paul)
0000761: [Backup/Restore] Database backup happening even if disabled (paul)
0000781: [Backup/Restore] Backup text on database pages is incorrect (paul)
0000777: [Backup/Restore] Partial Database restore can't handle folders with , in (paul)
0000809: [SMTP Client] Occasionally messages get 'stuck' in sending state and will not be retried until VPOP3 is restarted (paul)
0000808: [WebMail] When VPOP3 returns a 304 'Not Modified' response, it should not return a content-length (paul)
0000779: [Admin] Setting user group to <None> does not trigger the "Submit" button (paul)
0000789: [Admin] Admin page navigation impossible in Safari (paul)
0000800: [Admin] In access restrictions in IE, 'Local nets' and 'routers' are displayed as 'any' (paul)
0000802: [POP3 Client] Too big message notification gets sent to admin instead of proper user (paul)
0000801: [WebMail] User settings to enable and disable loading images from PSCS server (Simon)
0000797: [WebMail] VPOP3 returning 'content-length' on a 304 HTTP response (paul)
0000790: [Misc] VPOP3 Basic appears in services list as "VPOP3 Standard" (paul)
0000718: [WebMail] Comma in from name will cause splitting when replying (Simon)
0000774: [Admin] Unable to view block list and never block list in IE9 (paul)
0000765: [Misc] If you purge a mailbox, the undelete doesn't work (paul)
0000760: [Misc] Message rules: action to set message as read, instead quarantines message (paul)
0000771: [Archiving] Archive completion email seems wrong (paul)
0000776: [Admin] Display LocalNets value on access restrictions page (paul)
0000782: [WebMail] To/Cc/Bcc into an existing message from Address Book is failing (Simon)
0000755: [Admin] Can make invalid list name by copy/paste (paul)
0000778: [WebMail] Owner as first user in list will lock the ShareCalendar permissions (Simon)
0000759: [Admin] When selecting users in access restrictions, the last entry doesn't get added (paul)
0000768: [Admin] New/Delete buttons on Global Address book editor are missing in IE9 (paul)
0000767: [WebMail] Mobile Webmail not loading from addresses where ~setting_emailaddress~ is empty (Simon)
0000762: [Admin] Debug text in Settings -> Database -> Message Store (paul)
26 issues View Issues
Released 2012-01-13
0000757: [Installer] Insufficient permissions given to vpop3postgres user cause install error (paul)
0000753: [Installer] Updated Webmail files missing (paul)
0000754: [Installer] Fix a couple of errors in the installer (paul)
0000597: [Misc] Errors logged when PC has IPv6 support (paul)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2012-01-12
0000721: [Status Monitor] Right-click on items shows UTC time, not local time (paul)
0000737: [SMTP Server] SMTP service with no IP access restrictions allows no auth (paul)
0000620: [Admin] SMTP Server Status log data timezones wrong (paul)
0000745: [Admin] Status screen showing line times incorrectly (paul)
0000711: [Misc] API: Quoted sender name is displayed with slashes in reply screen (paul)
0000714: [Misc] Autoresponders not always being imported properly from earlier versions (paul)
0000715: [Misc] When upgrading primary key sometimes missing on users.users (paul)
0000716: [Misc] On upgrade, sometimes primary key is missing from messages.folders (paul)
0000740: [POP3 Client] Crash on mail download (paul)
0000749: [WebMail] Saving an existing draft seems to have no effect (Simon)
0000747: [WebMail] extension icons are not showing in postmessage2.html (Simon)
0000746: [Admin] User edit window not working correctly if separate webmail/main passwords enabled for the user (paul)
0000639: [WebMail] Programmatic tab content for user rules / autoresponders appearing in new tabs before content is loaded (Simon)
0000709: [WebMail] View message tab labelled "Opening..." when the message subject is blank (Simon)
0000712: [WebMail] Attachment icons not showing in view message tab (Simon)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2011-12-13
0000689: [Admin] Admin Status screen to convert to local time (paul)
0000691: [WebMail] fix display of search boxes, so that text does not obscure icon (Simon)
0000699: [WebMail] IE9: Calendar properties dialog not placing each answer on a separate line (Simon)
0000697: [SMTP Server] Greylisting not working reliably. (paul)
0000696: [WebMail] Message preview attachments box is too small to support vertical scrolling in Firefox (Simon)
0000694: [WebMail] Include default file extension images for known filetypes (Simon)
       0000695: [WebMail] Support images by category (Simon)
0000693: [WebMail] Fix height of container for recurring monthly events (Simon)
0000687: [SMTP Server] SPF not checking mail from any allowed addresses, even if authentication required (paul)
0000677: [Admin] Access Restrictions - big user lists not visible? (paul)
0000679: [Admin] Status screen shows last/next poll incorrectly (paul)
0000669: [Misc] On upgrade, when importing POP3 downloaded messages, validate uidlastseen value (paul)
0000676: [Installer] Fix installer when installing db (paul)
0000683: [Admin] Edit autoresponder rule - 'Sat' doesn't get set properly when viewing rule (paul)
0000684: [Misc] Autoresponder date/time rule setting doesn't work (paul)
0000680: [WebMail] Autoresponder "Do not notify" cannot be set to 0 (Simon)
0000681: [WebMail] Autoresponder dates setting and displaying incorrectly in webmail (Simon)
0000675: [WebMail] Changing number of messages per page forces reload (Simon)
0000643: [WebMail] Webmail Quarantine preview window - vertical scroll on main headers box (Simon)
0000666: [WebMail] Displayed URL is incorrect for calendars with unusual characters in the name (Simon)
0000658: [WebMail] Calendar "Reload" button should reload events (Simon)
0000667: [WebMail] Hide Tools > Calendars option for home users (Simon)
0000662: [WebMail] Block creation of calendars called "default" (Simon)
0000664: [WebMail] Consider removing "Tools > Settings > Calendars" tab (Simon)
24 issues View Issues
Released 2011-11-25
0000668: [Misc] Settings changes during install do not 'stick' (paul)
0000665: [WebMail] Webmail Calendar images loading from VPOP3 server (Simon)
0000637: [WebMail] CalDav URL for selected calendar on Calendars tab (Simon)
0000657: [Admin] Settings option to turn off and configure BATV (paul)
0000660: [Admin] 'Global Access Restrictions' cannot be edited (paul)
0000644: [SMTP Client] Outqueue not kept clear (paul)
0000663: [POP3 Client] Mail collector priorities not working (paul)
0000649: [Misc] Some mail collectors have no connection (paul)
0000646: [Admin] Access restrictions not working in IE (paul)
0000659: [WebMail] Remove dead link to Status Monitor installer (Simon)
0000652: [WebMail] Admin page loads to use normal login (Simon)
0000653: [WebMail] Do desktop detection to avert false mobile compatible redirects (Simon)
0000655: [WebMail] Session cookies set for 'no user' (Simon)
0000654: [WebMail] Mobile login encryption failing (Simon)
0000648: [WebMail] fix issue - shrink buttons to display properly on all resolutions of 800 + (Simon)
0000647: [WebMail] Screen width < 1024 will redirect to mobile webmail (Simon)
16 issues View Issues
Released 2011-11-18
0000461: [Backup/Restore] Allow administrator to manually trigger a database backup process (paul)
0000396: [Backup/Restore] Allow partial restores (paul)
0000540: [FaxServer] Fax log images not displaying (paul)
0000402: [Admin] Be able to tell VPOP3 to redownload only certain messages from ISP (paul)
0000621: [WebMail] Allow users to bulk set folder shares of 'children' folders based on parent share permissions (Simon)
0000632: [WebMail] Calendar will not load twice on IE (Simon)
0000563: [WebMail] Copy/Move message Window scrolling (Simon)
0000590: [WebMail] Configurable message sort order (Simon)
0000618: [WebMail] New custom dojo build for version 5 (Simon)
0000164: [WebMail] Add Save message menu item to Webmail (Simon)
0000593: [SMTP Server] Improve greylisting whitelist support (paul)
0000592: [Misc] Move greylisting data to Postgresql (paul)
0000591: [Admin] Unable to create/edit mappings (paul)
0000588: [IMAP4 Server] " characters in IMAP4 folders break things (paul)
0000581: [WebMail] If Webmail path is changed, clear/invalidate the cache (paul)
0000276: [WebMail] Support per-user custom dictionaries for webmail spell checker (Simon)
0000570: [Admin] In Reports/Users Last Login the login time is always in UTC (paul)
0000281: [WebMail] Honour webmail user permissions (Simon)
0000571: [WebMail] 'Always show images from ...' in Webmail preview is not working (Simon)
0000446: [Admin] If user group is changed, then controls don't change immediately (paul)
0000568: [Admin] Message archive results 'Date' column sorted as string, not date (paul)
0000511: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP4 searches with custom keywords (paul)
0000488: [SMTP Client] If there is a long lasting SMTP MX sending session, new messages won't get sent for a while (paul)
0000423: [Installer] If user says not to install spamfilter update subscription trial, possibly turn spamfilter off as well (paul)
0000548: [Installer] Uninstaller (paul)
0000199: [Installer] On an upgrade where the previous installation directory was in c:\program files there's an unnecessary warning (paul)
0000567: [Misc] Lots of warnings in postgresql log (paul)
0000501: [Misc] Have service applet perform upgrades (paul)
0000502: [Misc] Try to improve 'shutdown' performance (paul)
0000215: [Installer] Change eval system (paul)
0000479: [Installer] If log directory is VPOP3 directory, move it to VPOP3\_logs (paul)
0000561: [CalDAV] sharing permissions are sometimes displayed as letters and sometimes as none/full/read/update (paul)
0000474: [WebMail] Prevent access if a temp password is being used and no new one has been set (Simon)
0000473: [WebMail] Handle temporary password change so that it matches current webmail style (Simon)
0000544: [WebMail] Have Message Rule Editor in Webmail (Simon)
0000550: [Misc] Get rid of error popup window if VPOP3 crashes (paul)
0000536: [WebMail] Update autoresponder setting in Webmail for new autoresponders (Simon)
0000534: [WebMail] Investigate how to get mobile users to the mobile compatible webmail (Simon)
0000542: [Misc] Missing list address book entries aren't added (paul)
0000373: [Misc] Get rid of global ODBC connection for LDAP (paul)
0000538: [SMTP Server] Problem with IDS blocking (paul)
0000543: [Admin] Allow admin access to users' folders (paul)
0000393: [Misc] Have per-user 'rules' for filtering messages (paul)
0000523: [Admin] Changing Assistant/Forwarding dates does not trigger submit button (paul)
0000019: [Misc] Log which connection actions are being started (paul)
0000286: [Admin] Can't clear dates in archive search (paul)
0000475: [Misc] Have individual signature settings for users (paul)
0000113: [Admin] Admin user list slow with lots of messages (paul)
0000539: [WebMail] Investigate characters such as © in plaintext message view (Simon)
0000531: [Misc] markread parameter needs to work for ~messageview4~ (paul)
0000533: [Misc] Plaintext option needed to view message in Mobile Webmail (paul)
0000403: [Misc] Rework autoresponders (paul)
0000532: [WebMail] Support permissions in mobile compatible webmail (Simon)
0000519: [Admin] Not always possible to remove global contacts (paul)
0000302: [WebMail] Make simple/mobile phone compatible Webmail (Simon)
0000280: [Admin] Support setting webmail user permissions (paul)
0000395: [SMTP Server] Add SPF support (paul)
0000516: [Admin] Non-ASCII characters in Windows username appear to save incorrectly (paul)
0000189: [Misc] PostgreSQL from Lua (paul)
0000024: [Misc] In spamfilter whitelists record who added it to whitelist (paul)
0000510: [Admin] Admin Log File Sizes page does not refer to pop3transcript log (paul)
0000087: [Misc] Be able to have more frequent quarantine reports (paul)
0000016: [Misc] Upgrade loses ACL (paul)
0000353: [Admin] Add New Newsgroup produces alert(1); (paul)
0000509: [Admin] Method to distinguish evaluation and registered versions of VPOP3 Enterprise (paul)
0000527: [Misc] Add sanity check to message date parsing (paul)
0000406: [Admin] Have VPOP3 automatically get update licence key (paul)
0000405: [Admin] Look into making entering licence key easier (paul)
0000521: [Misc] Non-admin users cannot use non-ASCII characters in autoresponder (paul)
0000505: [Misc] Allow VPOP3 to run as a user other than 'localsystem' (paul)
0000421: [SMTP Server] Check LAN forwarding target with incoming SMTP (paul)
0000517: [Misc] Move LAN Forward rules to database (paul)
0000145: [Admin] Make mass entry of LAN forwarding rules easier (paul)
0000525: [Admin] Problem dragging multiple rows in LAN forwarding rules (paul)
0000028: [Misc] Show number of retries and last error for MX queued messages (paul)
0000027: [Misc] Allow administrator to force retry on MX queued messages (paul)
0000522: [Misc] Move download rules to database (paul)
0000038: [Misc] Be able to specify multiple download rule redirect/copy targets (paul)
0000520: [POP3 Client] Download rules 'InMail' not working properly (paul)
0000350: [Admin] Domain filtering excludes all, if a disallow and no allow rules are used (paul)
0000206: [Misc] Error code not being reported correctly (paul)
0000141: [Status Monitor] Message counts are truncated if they are large (paul)
0000131: [Misc] Have an automatic 'block' option for repeatedly failing SMTP senders (paul)
0000132: [Misc] Have VPOP3's SMTP Server write 'IDS' log files (paul)
0000176: [Admin] Allow changes to outqueue whilst VPOP3 is sending (paul)
0000110: [Misc] Have configurable retry period for SMTP relay sends (paul)
0000518: [Misc] Unable to send messages via webmail in v5 (paul)
0000150: [Misc] If TCP error during sending a message, put it to the back of the list for next send (paul)
0000266: [Misc] Russian characters in error message text from Windows not encoded properly (paul)
0000265: [Misc] Russian characters in date in Spam Quarantine report subject are not encoded properly (paul)
0000493: [SMTP Server] SMTP Rule with no conditions not matching (paul)
0000389: [Admin] Need to be able to configure custom default folders with non-ASCII characters (paul)
0000397: [Admin] Be able to search quarantine (over all dates) (paul)
0000489: [Misc] For each user, be able to specify a target for spam quarantine reports (paul)
0000193: [Misc] If client set to TLS/None, and STARTTLS fails, fall back to 'none' (paul)
0000440: [Admin] When exporting a list's members, set the file name to something to do with the list name. (paul)
0000180: [Admin] Deleting group from Lists doesn't work (paul)
0000184: [Misc] Move list information to database (paul)
0000451: [Admin] Changing a list from Distribution list to Mailing list leaves it set as both types (paul)
0000497: [WebMail] Store webmail customisations in cookies, for next reload (Simon)
0000044: [Admin] Have password generator when creating new passwords (paul)
0000492: [Misc] Invalid date fields causing a database error (paul)
0000054: [Admin] Warn if no schedule (paul)
0000301: [Admin] Warn admin if Spamfilter/avast updates are enabled, but there is no schedule defined (paul)
0000478: [Misc] Extension*.out files being left around (paul)
0000450: [Misc] Check Message Store path is valid on startup (paul)
0000480: [Misc] During startup VPOP3 writes to VPOP3.LOG file in root directory (paul)
0000506: [Misc] Some Windows events logged by VPOP3 don't have the text (paul)
0000138: [Admin] Be able to lock bind IP address & port (paul)
0000503: [Admin] Be able to hide licence key from administrator (paul)
0000504: [Admin] Be able to prevent database queries through admin console (paul)
0000476: [Misc] Support IPv6 (paul)
0000495: [Misc] Allow 'Localnet' to be used in access restrictions to make it easier to change network addresses (paul)
0000496: [Misc] Support multiple bindings per service (paul)
0000499: [WebMail] Message "Size" column just displays a number, if size is less than 1kB (Simon)
0000491: [WebMail] Webmail "remembers" the size of cells (Simon)
0000485: [IMAP4 Server] Have 'recycle bin' for deleted messages/folders (paul)
0000490: [Misc] If held messages in inboxes weren't in V2 database they weren't imported into V3 or later (paul)
0000404: [IMAP4 Server] Support for custom IMAP flags (paul)
0000357: [SMTP Server] Allow SMTP Server LUA script to change MAIL FROM address (paul)
0000399: [Misc] Be able to set priorities for Mail Collectors (paul)
0000467: [Admin] Add password strength meter to Add/Edit user and Webmail (Simon)
0000483: [WebMail] Cope with changes to deleted/draft/sent folders that occur outside of webmail (Simon)
0000482: [WebMail] Message search to allow multiple words (Simon)
0000352: [Misc] connection schedule collision ignores minimum recipient count (paul)
0000401: [Misc] Move settings to database (paul)
0000410: [Misc] Move messages into database from _messages if size changes (paul)
0000409: [Misc] Try storing all messages in database, instead of big ones in _messages (paul)
0000468: [Admin] Emptying a large Inbox can take a long time - do it in the background (paul)
0000177: [Admin] Deleting a large mailbox takes a long time so do it in the background (paul)
0000469: [WebMail] "headers is undefined" error when viewing deleted message (Simon)
0000470: [IMAP4 Server] Deleting a large folder takes a long time (paul)
0000472: [WebMail] Re-order settings to spread evenly across tabs (Simon)
0000144: [Misc] Move IMAP4 subscription lists to database (paul)
0000471: [WebMail] Ability to set refresh rate of webmail (Simon)
0000464: [Misc] Move mappings to Database (paul)
0000463: [WebMail] Enhance search options in address book (Simon)
0000457: [Admin] Adding same user@ two different local domain to a distribution list doesn't add both addresses (paul)
0000366: [Admin] Have a 'test DNS' button for spamfilter (paul)
0000445: [Misc] Be able to specify when database is backed up (paul)
0000309: [SMTP Server] Have optional sending quotas for users (paul)
0000460: [WebMail] Replace hidden images options with dhtmlXToolbar to fit webmail theme (Simon)
0000459: [Misc] Move user settings to database (paul)
0000458: [WebMail] Allow simultaneous deletion of multiple address book contacts (Simon)
0000456: [WebMail] Dropdown selection to add contacts to any message (Simon)
0000455: [WebMail] Allow multiple select of contacts to send a message to (Simon)
0000454: [WebMail] Send To Contact button to take mail address from row instead of preview field (Simon)
0000109: [Misc] Have LUA script point at SMTP client result code point (paul)
0000443: [FaxServer] Fax number email address recipient is taking precedence over a VPOP3 user name (paul)
0000448: [WebMail] Fix: elements appearing in background when launching new tab (Simon)
0000444: [WebMail] Adding a contact to launch data-entry window (Simon)
0000447: [Misc] Move group settings to database (paul)
0000192: [Admin] Be able to specify 'expiry' dates for users (paul)
0000064: [WebMail] Be able to open up a message 'full screen' (Simon)
0000441: [WebMail] Dynamic labelling and resizing of message tabs (Simon)
0000439: [Admin] On LAN Forwarding config editor, "delete row" doesn't enable 'Submit' button (paul)
0000436: [Admin] Allow copying/moving from a mailbox which is use by IMAP4 (paul)
0000182: [Misc] Rework POP3 Retrieval file storage (paul)
0000183: [Misc] Rework UIDL storage (paul)
0000437: [Misc] In status, sometimes the mail server name is wrong/missing (paul)
0000438: [Status Monitor] Add 'connecting to server' in status window while trying to connect (paul)
0000394: [SMTP Client] Add BATV support (paul)
0000186: [Misc] Long return paths get truncated (paul)
0000022: [Misc] Be able to block 'Database backed up' messages (paul)
0000435: [FaxServer] Allow text replacements in cover page texts (paul)
0000005: [FaxServer] Be able to specify arbitrary text to add to cover page (paul)
0000003: [FaxServer] Be able to use a cover page field in more than one place per page (paul)
0000001: [FaxServer] Customisable date formats in Fax Cover Pages (paul)
0000103: [Admin] Can create user called 'fax' (paul)
0000375: [Admin] In Users list, sorting by account name doesn't work (paul)
0000422: [SMTP Client] Have option not to send bounce messages for failed LAN forwards (paul)
0000429: [WebMail] If webmail language text does not exist in non-English language file, look in English version (paul)
0000433: [Misc] Have 'version' variable for spam filter (paul)
0000554: [Misc] API: userrulereorder out by one row (paul)
174 issues View Issues
Released 2011-10-31
0000619: [WebMail] Spell checker breaks upon contact with HTML elements (Simon)
0000617: [WebMail] Dates and other regional settings default to US for many locales (Simon)
0000507: [WebMail] Quarantine "Hide Msgs" button is two state, not controlled by active selection (Simon)
0000564: [WebMail] Incorrect quoting in To when replying to a message in Webmail (paul)
0000528: [WebMail] Webmail Settings falsely validates against multiple email addresses, separated by commas (Simon)
0000558: [WebMail] non-ASCII realname/signature displays incorrectly in settings screen. (Simon)
0000486: [WebMail] A user has the option to share another user's folder (Simon)
0000500: [WebMail] non-Firefox browsers have horizontal scroll on mailgrid (Simon)
0000556: [WebMail] Tools > Settings javascript error in IE9 with non-ASCII folder names (Simon)
0000552: [WebMail] underscores break auto-complete addresses (Simon)
0000541: [SMTP Server] "too many hops (1d)" message (paul)
0000515: [WebMail] mail grid attachment/read/flagged icons cropped by small columns (Simon)
0000487: [WebMail] shareaddresses.html is missing from Webmail (Simon)
0000412: [WebMail] non-ASCII characters in subject appear incorrectly in webmail (Simon)
0000442: [WebMail] Reinstate Autoresponder clear logs button into webmail (Simon)
0000477: [WebMail] Check needs to work in processing quarantined messages (Simon)
0000466: [WebMail] Write custom filter function for message grid (Simon)
0000465: [WebMail] refresh damages message grid search results (Simon)
0000462: [WebMail] Edit Draft button is not displayed in main menu (Simon)
0000434: [Misc] On VCARD import, office fax number is not imported correctly (paul)
0000432: [WebMail] Files containing percentage character will not always download correctly (Simon)
0000428: [Misc] Bits of VPOP3 lock up (paul)
0000424: [WebMail] Email address splitting on comma character (paul)
0000427: [WebMail] cosmetic improvements to Header section of new message composition (Simon)
0000004: [FaxServer] Non-ASCII characters don't show up correctly in cover page fields (paul)
0000425: [FaxServer] On some old fax printer drivers, if no recipient name is specified, recipient company is put in its place (paul)
0000426: [WebMail] Display Cc recipients more easily (Simon)
0000418: [WebMail] Quarantine preview displays incorrectly in IE8 / Opera11 (Simon)
0000419: [WebMail] English language text on Quarantine Release/Don't release images (Simon)
0000417: [WebMail] Place Quarantine alt text into language file (Simon)
30 issues View Issues
Released 2010-12-22
0000416: [Installer] Installer deletes some important empty folders. (paul)
0000415: [WebMail] Missing 'movewindow.html' file (paul)
0000413: [WebMail] tidy Password change screen and fix Cancel button (Simon)
0000411: [WebMail] Tidy-up of Tools > Settings window (Simon)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2010-12-20
0000348: [WebMail] Images to download from (Simon)
0000407: [WebMail] Hardcoded English language text in various locations (Simon)
0000390: [WebMail] place Paths into an object (Simon)
0000365: [SMTP Client] Multi-line SMTP result codes being truncated (paul)
0000376: [WebMail] Can delete 'drafts' folder (paul)
0000391: [WebMail] Static images not downloaded for Address Book right-click menu (Simon)
0000171: [Admin] Check non-ASCII characters in global signature (paul)
0000378: [WebMail] Changing folders in Tools -> Settings -> Folders duplicates folders in folder tree (Simon)
0000386: [WebMail] No draft messages icon (Simon)
0000388: [Admin] Can't change default folder names except via registry (paul)
0000387: [WebMail] Folders heading is hard coded and bypasses language customisations (Simon)
0000385: [WebMail] Changing drafts folder in Tools > Settings does not trigger tree load (Simon)
0000383: [WebMail] comma in folder names causes incorrect parsing (Simon)
0000382: [WebMail] Deleting recently created folder containing non-ASCII characters is not possible (Simon)
0000381: [WebMail] storeerror2001 when creating folders with non-ASCII names (Simon)
0000347: [Installer] On Windows 7, doesn't set up firewall properly (paul)
0000372: [Installer] Check for installing in sub-folder (paul)
0000370: [Admin] Allow IMAP4 user/IP limits to be changed from settings (paul)
0000354: [WebMail] Non-ASCII folder names appear incorrectly in Delete/Rename dialogue boxes (Simon)
0000377: [WebMail] Non-ASCII characters in folder names appear as raw UTF7 in Tools -> Settings -> Folders (Simon)
0000374: [Admin] Diagnostics -> Log Path does not trigger Submit button (paul)
0000371: [WebMail] [IE8] - pre-populated date/time in replies is incorrect (Simon)
0000323: [Misc] If 'Treat locally sent mail for unrecognised local recipients as outgoing mail' is checked, then spam@domain doesn't work (paul)
0000364: [Misc] When VPOP3 starts up it should check for orphaned address book entries for users/lists (paul)
0000368: [WebMail] Folders cannot be created via webmail (Simon)
0000367: [Misc] If a download/SMTP rule specifies a target folder that doesn't exist, the message doesn't get delivered anywhere (paul)
0000362: [Admin] Import screens have no scroll bars (paul)
0000361: [Admin] Manual DNS settings do not allow typing of comma (paul)
0000360: [Misc] .vcf file in housekeeper directory causes VPOP3 to crash (paul)
0000359: [Admin] Ampersand cannot be applied to Alias/Mapping names - invalid character (paul)
0000349: [Status Monitor] Status Monitor help leads to dead link (paul)
31 issues View Issues
Released 2010-11-23
0000337: [CalDAV] Sunbird can't log onto two accounts on same VPOP3 server (paul)
0000104: [WebMail] Support eTags in HTTP server (paul)
0000356: [Misc] Spam filter not loading properly in some non-English versions of Windows (paul)
0000351: [WebMail] Include a link to VPOP3 Status Monitor in webmail (Simon)
0000307: [Admin] dhtmlxcontainer.rjs missing from admin pages in CVS (paul)
0000214: [WebMail] 'Moderate Lists' not in Webmail (paul)
0000285: [Admin] Can create mailing list in Home User licence (paul)
0000340: [Misc] Mail Delivery Failure on Message Monitoring (paul)
0000335: [Admin] Address book import page doesn't load properly if you do two imports in a session (paul)
0000342: [Misc] Folder share permissions either do not set or do not display (paul)
0000344: [Admin] View 'SMTP Server Log' doesn't seem to show anything (paul)
0000305: [WebMail] Look at making a custom script containing all the Dojo/Dijit (and possibly others) scripts used by VPOP3 (Simon)
0000325: [WebMail] Print Message Menu option active when no message selected (Simon)
0000339: [WebMail] Quarantine - Applying "Mark Seen" to hidden message temporarily loses strikethrough (Simon)
0000343: [WebMail] Opera unable to detect element attributes with dojo.query (Simon)
0000338: [WebMail] Javascript error in drag and drop (Simon)
0000336: [WebMail] Quarantine first column sizing too small (Simon)
0000333: [WebMail] Refresh button causes Javascript errors - folders disappear (Simon)
0000334: [WebMail] Show Hidden causes Javascript error (Simon)
0000332: [WebMail] Opera: Quarantine crashes at dojo.clone (Simon)
0000330: [WebMail] No styling on Address Book - selected contact Header (Simon)
0000329: [WebMail] Toolbar icons at 18x18 size (Simon)
0000306: [WebMail] Look at support GZIP compression in HTTP server (paul)
0000294: [Admin] Address book Export doesn't export all entries (paul)
0000295: [Admin] Address book export row titles are duplicated (paul)
0000324: [WebMail] ajaxaddresses.xml does not return Company or Phone data (Simon)
0000312: [Misc] Need CRT 'invalid parameter handler' (paul)
0000308: [SMTP Client] MX Retries database timezone wrong (paul)
0000318: [WebMail] Spell check suggestions do not appear in IE (Simon)
0000313: [WebMail] "leave Webmail" button fails intermittently (Simon)
0000300: [WebMail] deleted items subfolder cannot be emptied (Simon)
0000311: [WebMail] Basic view Mark Read sets the message as unread (Simon)
0000322: [WebMail] Quarantine select-all does not enable relevant toolbar buttons (Simon)
0000274: [WebMail] Incorrect path for webmail images (Simon)
0000321: [Admin] Controls not updating on Attachment extraction page (paul)
0000315: [WebMail] "Ignore" on spell checker seems to strip the first four characters from a word (Simon)
0000317: [WebMail] Choosing reply all places "**VPOP3CITE**" into the top of the message (Simon)
0000316: [WebMail] Adding contact into existing new message tab fails in IE (Simon)
0000296: [WebMail] Show Images button forces messageheaders div to shrink (Simon)
0000297: [WebMail] #imageshidden div can be difficult to read (Simon)
0000271: [WebMail] If a message has no sender information (or it is blank) then the message preview doesn't work (Simon)
0000291: [Misc] Intermittent crash if user 'comments' field is set too long by an administrator (paul)
0000279: [WebMail] Quarantine message preview (from list) doesn't work in Internet Explorer (paul)
0000268: [WebMail] Webmail message list grid does not resize properly (Simon)
0000290: [WebMail] mistyped CSS width property as "wisdth" (Simon)
0000289: [WebMail] Have 'Mark as Spam' button on Webmail toolbar (Simon)
0000288: [WebMail] In Internet Explorer Webmail 'Attachments' pane needs to be slightly taller (Simon)
0000282: [Admin] Spam Filter Script Configuration scrollbars are missing (paul)
0000213: [Admin] If a user tries to do an admin task when logged in as a non-admin user, take them to a 'permission denied' page (paul)
0000253: [Admin] Sorting order in 'Last User Login' is wrong (paul)
0000264: [WebMail] On large mailboxes, the messages appear quickly, but then aren't clickable for a few seconds (paul)
0000272: [Misc] Daily usage summary shows current date/time for queued messages (paul)
0000258: [Admin] Quarantine setting full page (paul)
0000275: [SMTP Client] NOTIFY=NEVER overrides send TCP errors to administrator (paul)
0000250: [Admin] Edit user window too big for 1024x768 screens (paul)
0000262: [WebMail] If you create a link in a new message it gets formatted to white (Simon)
0000263: [WebMail] Try and make the 'x' on the New Mail webmail tab more noticeable (Simon)
0000243: [WebMail] Quarantine view uses old settings (paul)
0000237: [Admin] Empty warning message (paul)
0000269: [WebMail] If you have a message with only one page of messages in, preview doesn't seem to work (paul)
0000254: [Admin] Greylisting settings not working properly (paul)
0000256: [Status Monitor] A ghost user '0' appears in user queue count list (paul)
0000260: [Admin] User Address book name doesn't work with non-US characters (paul)
0000230: [Admin] Missing global address book image in Admin (paul)
0000261: [Misc] LDAP Browse not working in Outlook 2007 (paul)
0000238: [Admin] Can't delete and address book (paul)
0000241: [WebMail] Contact Home Postal Address not expanded on first load (Simon)
0000240: [WebMail] On 'Settings' form validation error, change the text 'form error', and make it a language string (Simon)
0000257: [WebMail] Change 'Resend' button in Drafts folder to something else. (Simon)
0000236: [Admin] Quarantine Viewer Select All Message (paul)
0000226: [WebMail] Can't create Webmail folders with non-ASCII characters (paul)
0000247: [WebMail] webmail right click context menu, print, move, copy icons missing, item called 'undefined' at bottom of menu (Simon)
0000231: [WebMail] Inconsistent folder menu items (Simon)
0000255: [WebMail] Text/buttons/tooltips not stored in language file (Simon)
74 issues View Issues
Released 2010-10-06
0000090: [WebMail] Improve 'new mail' checker in Webmail (paul)
0000246: [Admin] Add setting for IMAP IDLE to settings (paul)
0000239: [Archiving] Offline archiving causes VPOP3 to crash. (paul)
0000248: [Misc] On upgrade from 1.x or 2.x, folders are not imported (paul)
0000242: [WebMail] Webmail folder loading is slow with lots of messages (paul)
0000245: [IMAP4 Server] IMAP IDLE doesn't work with TLS/SSL connections (paul)
0000224: [WebMail] Unable to apply address to an email from the address book (Simon)
0000244: [Admin] Re-order Session Logs in Settings -> Diagnostics (paul)
0000235: [WebMail] Webmail Address Book "Address" field not showing (Simon)
0000227: [WebMail] Save button to be visible on all Address Book tabs (Simon)
0000225: [WebMail] Redundant/ambiguous detail on Address Book screen (Simon)
0000233: [Admin] "Report bad mailer_daemon messages to administrator" checkbox does not trigger "Submit" (paul)
0000229: [WebMail] In plain text messages, there are double line feeds (paul)
0000228: [WebMail] Problem sending mail with non-ASCII characters (paul)
0000234: [Misc] incorrect instructions in User Bad Daemon Command email (paul)
0000222: [WebMail] Set autoresponder doesn't show text box in IE (paul)
0000221: [Admin] 'Bounce Spam' checkbox in POP3 mail collector settings can't be changed. (paul)
0000219: [WebMail] Webmail doesn't work via WHS IIS proxy plugin (paul)
0000196: [Misc] SMTP server name in logs gets changed after login (paul)
19 issues View Issues
Released 2010-09-29
0000218: [Installer] 4.0.0a ent patch installer doesn't work (paul)
0000200: [WebMail] No way for user to edit autoresponder (paul)
0000216: [WebMail] Missing 'mark as spam' button (paul)
0000209: [WebMail] No way for user to edit assistants/forwards (paul)
0000204: [Misc] Spamfilter blacklist wildcard entries not working (paul)
0000203: [Admin] Javascript error in user_accounts.html page (paul)
0000212: [Misc] Message counts not initialised properly at start of run (paul)
0000208: [Misc] Incorrect quota messages (paul)
0000207: [Admin] Multi-select in admin message lists not working (paul)
0000210: [WebMail] Webmail help button not working (paul)
0000211: [Admin] Link on About page not working (paul)
0000201: [WebMail] warning/into message displayed when 'Share' calander button clicked (paul)
0000205: [WebMail] Some image files in wrong place (paul)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2010-09-23
0000140: [Admin] Can start creating new Mail Collector with no Connections defined, but can't finish it (paul)
0000023: [Misc] Move spamfilter white/blacklists to database (paul)
0000163: [WebMail] Add Print message menu item to Webmail (paul)
0000194: [WebMail] Unable to share calendars (paul)
0000187: [Misc] User routing Lua script doesn't get run on VPOP3 generated emails (paul)
0000185: [Admin] Â appearing in autoresponder text after editing (paul)
0000082: [WebMail] Have Webmail actions give results (paul)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2010-09-03
0000178: [Admin] Mailing list member changes not being saved (paul)
0000181: [Misc] POP3 Retrieval file lock hierarchy warning (paul)
0000179: [Admin] Edit Mailing list tabs not having correct graphics (paul)
0000100: [Admin] After deleting messages from webadmin users list doesn't update (paul)
0000147: [Misc] Remove internal caching of message counts (paul)
0000128: [WebMail] Can't share address books (paul)
0000174: [WebMail] folders settings dropdown doesn't work in ie8 (paul)
0000168: [Admin] If screen is too small 'Go' button on Spamfilter quarantine viewer is not visible. (paul)
0000173: [Misc] LDAP server not returning results (paul)
0000165: [WebMail] move message to another user (paul)
0000162: [WebMail] Add Move message menu item to Webmail (paul)
0000161: [WebMail] Add Copy message menu item to Webmail (paul)
0000172: [Admin] Main Services grid is not being populated (paul)
0000169: [Admin] Address book editing doesn't work (paul)
0000167: [WebMail] Can't move folders in Webmail (paul)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2010-08-09
0000166: [CalDAV] Problem accessing calendar of new user (paul)
0000065: [WebMail] Have a "print message" option in webmail (paul)
0000085: [WebMail] Right-click menu in Message list (paul)
0000136: [Admin] Make Connection/ Mail Collector etc 'Delete' more obvious (paul)
0000081: [WebMail] Make Webmail honour folder ACLs (paul)
0000130: [WebMail] No way to share folders in v4 (paul)
0000159: [Admin] When changing DNS servers, 'active servers' doesn't update properly (paul)
0000154: [Misc] Manually assigned DNS server doesn't take effect until re-set (paul)
0000158: [Misc] Resource deadlock detector broken (paul)
0000157: [Admin] Status page and others don't handle tab change properly (paul)
0000155: [Misc] Resource deadlock in webadmin (paul)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2010-07-23
0000020: [Misc] Allow Status monitor to connect before Postgres is started (paul)
0000092: [Admin] SMTP Access restrictions/users slightly confusing (paul)
0000068: [WebMail] Be able to view full message headers (paul)
0000101: [Misc] SMTP MX Sender crash with looped CNAME records (paul)
0000039: [WebMail] Be able to save messages to drafts as they are being written (paul)
0000071: [WebMail] Have configurable 'mark read' timer (paul)
0000099: [Admin] When you delete a connection, display doesn't delete sender (paul)
0000093: [Admin] Can't delete whitelist/blacklist words (paul)
0000142: [Misc] Database connection limits aren't working properly (paul)
0000143: [Misc] Allow per user/per IP limits for IMAP4 connections (paul)
0000098: [Admin] Duplicate connections/senders when created in IE (paul)
0000137: [Admin] Adding mail connector/collector not working (paul)
0000124: [Misc] Can't delete calendar events (paul)
0000026: [Status Monitor] On status monitor disconnect, last state stays visible (paul)
0000129: [WebMail] Remove 'cookie=1' from address bar (paul)
0000126: [WebMail] Double-clicking address book name edits it to 'undefined' even if shouldn't be able to edit it. (paul)
0000050: [WebMail] Have address list for each user (paul)
0000127: [WebMail] Can't create address books (paul)
0000125: [WebMail] Can edit global address book entries when shouldn't be able to (paul)
0000123: [WebMail] address book icons missing (paul)
0000112: [Admin] Archive searches should be case insensitive (paul)
0000118: [Admin] In AV status counts show 'since when' (paul)
0000121: [WebMail] Sent items incorrectly marked (paul)
0000120: [Misc] Migrating Spamfilter data allows too big fields (paul)
24 issues View Issues
Released 2010-07-21
0000066: [WebMail] Be able to reply to messages (paul)
0000067: [WebMail] Be able to forward messages (paul)
0000117: [WebMail] Empty Trash folder action doesn't work (paul)
0000086: [WebMail] Search in quarantine viewer (paul)
0000114: [Admin] Two sets of scrollbars in user message list (paul)
0000115: [Admin] Visual feedback in user message list (paul)
0000083: [WebMail] Be able to view messages in quarantine (paul)
0000088: [WebMail] Be able to release messages from quarantine (paul)
0000069: [WebMail] When writing message, be able to spellcheck it (paul)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2010-07-15
0000091: [Misc] LDAP Browsing not working with Outlook on Windows 7 (paul)
0000078: [WebMail] When deleting a message, automatically select the next one (paul)
0000084: [WebMail] Right-click menus in Folder view (paul)
0000077: [WebMail] Allow individual address book entries (paul)
0000076: [WebMail] Have address book view (paul)
0000058: [WebMail] Be able to send messages via webmail (paul)
0000059: [WebMail] Address completion (paul)
0000051: [WebMail] Display image options in webmail (paul)
0000043: [Misc] Put spamfilter whitelist into DB (paul)
0000060: [WebMail] Be able to send Attachments (paul)
0000063: [WebMail] Be able to download attachments from messages (paul)
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Released 2009-11-26
0000030: [Installer] Virus scanner is finding EICAR test virus in VPOP3 installer (paul)
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Released 2009-11-13
0000074: [WebMail] Rewrite login page (paul)
0000041: [Installer] Warn if installer is going to install to c:\program files (paul)
0000017: [Installer] Installer should specify vpop3status uses registry not file (paul)
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Released 2009-11-13
0000034: [Admin] Can't add/edit/delete mappings with ~ characters in from Aliases (paul)
0000031: [Admin] POP3 collector error recipient not displayed correctly (paul)
0000032: [Admin] List moderator not being displayed properly (paul)
0000029: [Admin] Can't disable Message archiving (paul)
0000012: [Admin] When adding Mail Collector/Sender, duplicates get added in IE (paul)
0000018: [Admin] You can't create a mail collector when there are no connection methods defined (paul)
0000013: [Avast] Missing string in avast update (paul)
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0000007: Update fax printer driver to work with 64 bit Vista/Windows 7 (mike)
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0000009: Set dependencies in service tool (mike)
0000011: Set more details in service tool (mike)
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